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Finished cc

Hi there,

I’ve got just a small post for you this time as I’ve talked about cupcakes many times before.

It was Mother’s Day here in the UK last weekend so what better way to say thank you than with some chocolate cupcakes and coconut biscuits! Plus it was the perfect excuse for me to try and perfect my piping skills as well as play with my new pink food colouring.

Filled CC

At the moment I’m loving chocolate and strawberry mixed together so I decided to use this flavor combination in my cupcakes. Once I’d baked some simple chocolate cupcakes all I did was make a hole and fill them with some hazelnut spread and top them with some strawberry jam before covering them back up again. I then made some vanilla buttercream using butter, icing sugar, milk and vanilla extract before adding the paste a little at a time until I had the right shade of pink.

Vanilla buttercream

Pink buttercream

I had planned on only icing once cake so I could do a taste test to see whether the jam and chocolate spread was too sickly together but as per usual I got carried away and had filled and iced all the cakes before I remembered that I need to test one of the cakes! However, luck was on my side and thankfully I hadn’t gone overboard as both mums’ said they tasted great.Side cupcake

Finished close


I finally have a winning combination and this little guy will be making an appearance at a wedding later this year. So that’s one flavor down, another two to go!

Suz x