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Hi there,

Summer and pumpkin pie are probably not the most obvious of food combinations, but ever since I visited New York I have been intrigued by Pumpkin pie. Tinned pumpkin puree is not the easiest thing to get hold of in the UK so I was thrilled to come across a tin purely by chance last autumn. The fact that it’s been sitting in my cupboard ever since shows how lazy I am!So after months of thinking about looking for a recipe I finally got around to finding one on one of my favourite food blogs – Once Upon A Chef. And instead of a simple pumpkin pie I ended up going all out and making a pumpkin pecan streusel torte, which I thought looked amazing in the pictures and wasn’t too difficult to make either.

As a big fan of cheesecake I was interested to see if the texture and the taste would be the same as a baked cheesecake and I was also interested to see how the streusel topping would complement the cake.

Streusel topping

So on to making the cake… My first task was to make up the base, which contains pecans, oats, flour, sugar and butter and took a matter of minutes to bring together in my food processor. I decided to make the streusel topping next and I cheated by using my food processor to save time. I also used spelt flour instead to plain flour as I was using this in the main cake so I didn’t want to use too much. So while the topping was chilling in the fridge I moved on to making the cake.

This is definitely my kind of cake as it is one of those bung it all in the bowl and mix type of cakes, which takes minutes to make and means you really can’t go wrong with it. After 30 minutes in the oven I added the streusel topping and baked it for another 25 minutes. After almost an hour in the oven my cake had a slight wobble so I left it to set for the recommended 4 hours, which wasn’t good for me as I always like to sample the goods as soon as I can!

This cake has real wow factor and the textures and colours are amazing, but one thing I hadn’t considered was how easy it would be to cut. The streusel topping hardens so it does make it trickier to cut through cleanly, even after it’s set. Also, if I was making this cake again I would probably leave it overnight to firm up before attempting to cut into it as it was still a bit soft.

Taste wise, this cake was sweeter than I’m used to so I would definitely reduce the amount of sugar I used next time. However, I did enjoy the all the textures together as well as all the spices, which added a subtle warmth so I would definitely make it again. In terms of texture I think this cake is very similar to a baked cheesecake so I did enjoy eating it and I would love to experiment with a baked lemon cheesecake and a ginger streusel topping next time.

Suz x