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Hi there,

When it comes to overly hyped products I usually avoid them like the plague and my immediate thought is that they’ve all been paid to write such a positive review. So after years of avoiding this particular cleanser I didn’t give it a second thought when I got a free sample with another order I placed.

However, I owe Emma Hardie an apology for all those bad thoughts I had about this product as I have been completely blown away and I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. The first time I used this cleanser I fell in love with the texture and smell of it. I really enjoy how easily this cleanser melts away all of my make up including any heavy eye make up. This is easily the nicest cleanser I have used and it doesn’t cause any stinging or irritation to my eyes.

I like to use this cleanser in the evening and I find it leaves my skin feeling really nourished and clean without drying it out. With this balm I actually enjoy the process of removing my make up rather than it being a chore as I like to spend a few minutes massaging it into my skin.

Also, the sign of a good product is how jittery you get when you realise you’ve almost finished the sample. I lasted literally one day before I went out and bought the starter set (at full price) as it was out of stock everywhere so obviously a lot of other people feel the same way as me! Long term I’m hoping that this cleanser can reduce the size of my pores, clear up some acne scars and reduce the redness on my nose.

I have seen a lot of people complaining about how rubbish the packaging is and I have to agree. The 50ml pot is huge, so I can only imagine how big the 100ml must be. I think the size could definitely be reduced as there looks to be a lot of wasted space. I also find the lid to be really clumsy and I always struggle to shut it properly so when you consider that a 100ml tub costs £39 you would expect the packaging to be much better.

I was hoping the Age Support Cream that comes with this set would be just as amazing as the cleansing balm and would save me £75, but I haven’t noticed much difference so it looks like the I will be buying the Fresh Black Tea Age Delay cream after all…but at £75, can I really do it?

What product did you fall in love with when you were expecting to hate it?

Suz x