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Jouer openHi there,

After all the baking posts I finally I have a beauty post for you!

When it comes to travel palettes, especially when they are teeny, tiny I am such a sucker and always get pulled in. So after hearing so much about the brand Jouer I decided to place my first ever order with Cult Beauty and get the Blushing Beauty Palette. Priced at £45 this palette includes two eyeshadows, a cheek and lip tint, highlighter, bronzer, lipgloss and matte Power, and I think it’s a great way to discover new products.


Shadow swatch

What I loved
Eyeshadow duo in Peach and Chocolat: From the moment I first applied these eyeshadows I knew I would love them and I’ve worn them almost daily since mid-February. They are incredibly soft, have great pigmentation and blend beautifully. Peach is a matt shade which I use all over the lid but it’s the chocolate shade, which has a gorgeous bronze shimmer to it, that has completely won my heart as I don’t own anything that is similar to it. With a primer these shadows generally last all day but if I don’t wear one then unfortunately they do crease after a couple of hours, but I do have oily lids so it is to be expected.

Tint & highlight

Cheek and lip tint in Whisper: Any product that does two jobs is a real winner in my eyes and this looks fab on the lips and as a blusher. Again this is a colour which is completely different to anything else I own as it’s pink but has a lovely metallic golden sheen to it. The only downside is you don’t get a lot of product and as you can see I’ve already hit pan. I tend to use my fingers to apply the blusher which can be sheered out or built up and it lasts pretty much all day on me. On the lips it lasts a good three to four hours which is impressive. I’m going to be really sad when this little guy is finished.


Lipgloss in Cherish: As I mentioned previously I’m not a big fan of lipgloss as I hate that sticky feeling on my lips, my hair always sticks to it and my lips always end up drying out, but I absolutely love this lipgloss as it’s neither sticky or drying on the lips. I can easily get three to four hours wear with this gloss which doesn’t happen too often. Again, this is a lovely pink with a gold shimmer running through and looks perfect on top of Whisper.


What I wasn’t wowed by
I haven’t been bowled over by the matte bronzer, matte powder and highlighter to be honest, but that’s not because there’s anything wrong with them it’s just I’m not a big fan of highlighters and I’ve not really used the powder or the bronzer too much. On first impressions the bronzer seems too light for my skintone but it looks nice paired with Whisper. However, as soon as I’ve finished my current powder and bronzer I will definitely be giving them a good go to see if my first impression stays the same.



So to sum up this palette, yes it’s tiny and yes it’s expensive but for me personally I love being able to try out lots of different products in one go, plus it’s great for travelling as you have almost everything you need to complete a full look. This palette is perfect for my skintone, which is light, and I will definitely be adding to my collection (Bare Beauty Collection palette I’m looking at you!) as I have fallen in love with the tint, eyeshadows and lipgloss.


  (L-R) Peach, Chocolat, Cherish and Whisper, Cherish, Whisper, Feather

tint and gloss

(T – B) Cherish and Whisper, Cherish LG, Whisper C&L T 

The only downside is that I can only find one stockist in the UK and they don’t sell the single powder eyeshadows. But that aside I’ve been completely converted to Cult Beauty and will definitely order from them again as the delivery service was awesome. Having placed my order on a Thursday evening I was completely shocked when it arrived Saturday morning. I don’t think I’ve ever had a parcel delivered so quickly.

Suz x