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Hi there,

After a lazy few weeks on the blogger front I managed to get my act together and finally finish this post. I just need to do the same with the other four posts I’ve half written! 

The sign of a good recipe is when you come back to it time and time again and that it precisely what happens with this recipe, which I’ve been making since 2012. However, I seem to have become completely obsessed with it and I have made it every week for the last month or so.  

What makes this recipe stand out from all the other coleslaw recipes is the dressing. Most coleslaws tend to be pretty heavy as they are usually drenched in a creamy mayonnaise so I love how light and refreshing this dressing is. I’m a big fan of white wine vinegar so it pairs perfectly with the mustard powder and seeds.


Although you are supposed to use both red and white cabbage in this recipe I tend to only use one if I can’t buy two small cabbages otherwise it becomes an absolutely gigantic portion and much too big for two people even if you’re eating it for four days solid, like I normally do! I have made this slaw with both red and white cabbage and I think it tastes much better with the red cabbage, even though it turns everything purple. I try and stick with the same ingredients when I make this slaw, but I see no reason why you can’t throw in whatever you’ve got in your store cupboard or fridge. Another reason why I love this recipe so much is that I get to chuck everything in my food processor so while mine doesn’t look as appetizing the pictures in the magazine it certainly takes less time to prepare, which is always a bonus.  This slaw goes with pretty much everything, but my favourite way to eat it is with a crispy jacket potato and a side of tuna and onion mixed with crème fresh and Dijon mustard.

You can find the recipe here.

Suz x