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I’m not the biggest fan of polenta cakes, but when it comes to polenta chips it’s a whole different story and I was determined to have a go at making my own even though I don’t own a deep fat fryer. I duly bought the polenta, but then as per usual with me I left it sitting in the cupboard for a few months. So after looking at the packet all sad and lonely in our pantry yet again I finally got my act together and decided to look for a recipe online.

It didn’t take me long to find one and I have to say that I had great fun ‘playing’ with the polenta as the texture reminded me of plasticine, which I spent many a happy hour playing with when I was a kid.

The mixture made up in full

The mixture when halved

What I like about this recipe is that the chips can be made up ahead of time and kept in the fridge or they can be frozen if you want to use them later. I have made these chips twice now and I definitely found the recipe easier when I halved the ingredients and used a smaller whisk as the polenta can become very thick and hard to work with.

The full amount also makes up a fairly big portion so unless you are cooking for a lot of people or you’re planning to freeze half a batch then I don’t think you need that much mixture. I also think these chips shouldn’t be left in the fridge no longer than three days to ensure they are still fresh. 

The first time I made these chips I cut them much thicker so even though I cooked them for around 35-40 minutes the texture was still a bit chunky and they didn’t taste very nice. However, I persevered and the second time around I cut them much smaller so the outer shell became wonderfully crisp and the middle was lovely and fluffy.

The best thing about this recipe, after the taste of course, is the fact that you can cook these chips in the oven and instead of the usual olive or coconut oil I used Carotino oil, (not sponsored) which is a bright orange red palm fruit & rapeseed oil. As well as giving food a beautiful golden colour it is also supposed to be healthier for you. 

I love both the taste and texture of these chips and the fact they are so quick and easy to make. I’ve already made up a third batch for the coming week so I can see these becoming a firm favourite in the Shhdonttellhim kitchen. Hopefully I won’t get fed up of them any time soon! 

These chips go with just about anything, but my favourite combination is with chicken, steamed veg and rainbow sweet and sour slaw.

I found this recipe online here.

Suz x