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Hi there,

I wish I was one of those spendthrifts who only liked make up. However, my spendthrifty ways have not only seeped over into skin products, but bath, body and hair products too. Following my recent shop my stash post I realised how much ‘stuff’ I have so I have decided that I’m only going to buy products as and when I need them from now on.

Out: As you can see from the all the empties I definitely had a thing going for Molton Brown in 2016. I have to say this is a lovely brand and one I will definitely be investing in again. I like the texture of these body washes as they aren’t too thick or runny. I also enjoy being able to get hold of the smaller sizes so that I can test as many different scents as possible. My favorite is the Honeysuckle and White Tea bath and shower gel closely followed by the Rhubarb and Rose body wash.

Out: Another favourite brand of mine is The Bath House Shop. Every time I visit Knutsford or Ambleside I always like to pick something up. One of the newer scents to be released is Pomegranate & Blackberry, which is very fruity and light. This scent isn’t overly sweet, which I like and although it’s probably classed as a summer scent I couldn’t get enough of this throughout the winter. I got through this bath soak in record time and I would definitely purchase it again.Out: When it comes to skincare I’m a big fan of Fresh, but at £16 (now £18) this bath and shower gel didn’t wow me as I was expecting the scent to make more of an impression and be a bit more zingy. I really like the sugar range so having taken a gamble on this product I did regret my decision to buy it. I probably wouldn’t buy this again even in another scent as the texture isn’t as nice as the Molton Brown products.In: At £7 this Patchouli and Black Pepper bath soak was an absolute bargain and I deeply regret not buying another bottle as it should have been £20. Alongside the discontinued Amber Noir and Vanilla this is my favourite scent so I will definitely be enjoying this over the coming months.

In: One of my favourite things to do when I go on holiday is to pick up a new perfume as I like to use it throughout the week so that the scent always reminds me of my holiday. My recent break in the Lakes was no different so this time I decided to treat myself to some more products from the Pomegranate & Blackberry range. I picked up a new soap and a 30ml Eau De Parfum for £25, which I thought was good value.In: I’d been eyeing up this exfoliating soap from Fresh for months so when I saw they were offering free delivery I decided to hit the buy button as it meant I could add another three samples to my growing skincare sample collection! I didn’t realise how big this soap was when I bought it, but it’s absolutely massive and probably three times the size of a normal bar of soap.

I’ve used this a few times and while it’s nice and a great exfoliator I don’t think it’s worth the price. Then again this soap has recently gone up in price by £2 so maybe I’m still peeved that I paid extra as you know how much I like a bargain! However, as this soap is so big I’ll probably never need to buy another one anyway.

Suz x