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Hi there,

I rarely feature clothes on my blog as a.) I’m not that fashionable and b.) I don’t think clothes are that photogenic, especially with me behind the camera. However, as I’ve been doing a ton of walking lately I wanted to invest in a few new pieces while the sale was still going strong.

I first came across the brand Odlo last November in a shop in Ambleside called the Moutain Factor and I was so blown away by the quality and the material that I knew I wanted to buy as much as possible. However, the hefty price tags soon put a stop to that idea and I quickly forgot about the brand.

The Christmas sales and 40% discount soon revived my interest though and I was lucky enough to get a new coat and hoody from the 70 years’ collection, which I absolutely love and pretty much haven’t stopped wearing since I got them.

Fast forward to February and with overtime money burning a hole in my pocket I couldn’t resist taking another look at the sale, which had jumped up to 50% off. To be fair I did manage to restrain myself on the first day of my holiday only buying a new t-shirt (part needed) and the lighter version of the hoody I got at Christmas (definitely didn’t need).

However, I did go back for a another look when we were passing through on the way home and I picked up some new running tights for the gym, which I really needed, as well as a new walking top, which I probably didn’t need, but haven’t had off my back since.

I love black clothes, but rarely buy them as I always seem to end up getting everything in navy so being able to invest in some new black clothes is a welcome change. As you can see everything I bought is from the 70 years collection, so while it is very similar there are some subtle differences in terms of texture and material. The quality and material are fantastic and they are so soft and feel really nice on so I’m hoping that they will last me a long time.

This isn’t a sponsored post, but one of the reasons I wanted to blog this haul was because there is very little online about this brand so when I was doing some research it was really difficult to know how the clothes would look and feel in person. I love everything I have bought and can hand on heart recommend Odlo as the clothes do a great job at keeping me warm while still being breathable.

Having spent a week in Keswick I couldn’t not include a few pictures from our holiday. This time around we managed to walk 71 miles so next time my target is 75-80 miles!

Suz x