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Hi there,

It’s rare that I feature a savoury recipe on the blog, but this frittata recipe caught my eye a few weeks back on Twitter so I decided to save some money and give the restaurant at work a miss for a week. I did deviate slightly from the original recipe to use up some ingredients I had in so instead of feta, asparagus and new potatoes I used goats cheese, broccoli, beetroot and a small baking potato. I also used a square griddle pan instead of a frying pan.




This is both quick and simple to make, which makes it a perfect mid-week evening meal or an easy option for work and I did really enjoy it. However, next time I’d use a sweet potato and some soya beans, and I’d serve it with a rocket salad and some pesto chicken to bulk it out. I also think it would taste lovely alongside some homemade garlic bread.



I love how this frittata puffs up under the grill so I think it could definitely take some grated cheese on top to give it more of a crispy/crusty top, although the thought of some creamy blue cheese oozing through the middle or salty halloumi sounds much more appealing!


Suz x