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Hi there,

I know it’s a little late in the day to be featuring mince pies on the blog, but I’m a big fan of making my own pastry and the best I’ve come across is Paul Hollywood’s mince pie recipe. However, this year or I should say last year was a complete fail as I didn’t make my mince pies until the 1st January and that was only because my mincemeat was getting close to being out of date. But I only had one jar of mincemeat and double to pastry to get through so I decided it would be a good time to experiment a little. dsc_0148

dsc_0152I made a slight tweak to the recipe by adding some orange zest as I think this really compliments the pastry then I got on with making my pastry. This recipe makes up quite a big batch so I decided to split the dough in two. One half of the dough went in the freezer for later then with the fresh dough I made some mince pies.dsc_0160




dsc_0175I also thought it would be fun to make an alternative mince pie so I decided to do a small mincemeat tart covered in flaked almonds. This little tart came out so much better than I anticipated and I would definitely make this again over the mince pies. dsc_0234


dsc_0248A few weeks later I decided to use up the remaining dough and after researching recipes I ended up making some chocolate orange tarts. I wouldn’t say they were a complete success as they didn’t look that appetising mainly because I burnt one batch of pastry and then with the other batch I forgot to add the baking beans so the dough ended up rising too much to leave quite a thick base.

dsc_0250However, they tasted pretty good so you live and learn and I’ll be better prepared next time. If I was to make these little tarts again I would also try and look for a baked chocolate tart over a chilled tart as I think the texture would be better.

February may be a little early to make mince pies. However, if you’re keen to experiment with this pastry then you can find the recipe here.

Suz x