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Hi there,

It’s no secret that I love Fresh products so when I saw this gift set just before Christmas it didn’t take me long before I made my mind up to buy it. However, the hefty price tag kept me in check and it took three free samples along with a deluxe sample of the Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate and Black Tea Age-Delay cream before I hit the buy button. Fresh also threw in a surprise addition in the shape of the Creme Ancienne sample, which was a lovely treat and while I enjoyed the texture and how it applied the price of £108 completely scared me off!



Now I’m not the greatest at showing restraint, but I really wanted savour this set and so I waited until Christmas day before I used it for the first time and…let’s just take a moment to appreciate this gift set!


Ok, moment over. I really wanted to hate this set and it’s purely down to one reason and one reason alone – price. All these products are so god damn expensive to buy individually. I knew before I used them that they would be amazing and sadly for me that proved to be the case as I absolutely love everything I have tried so far. dsc_0083



The quality of these products are absolutely top knotch and I can’t find fault with anything as they do what they are supposed to and work bloody brilliantly for me.  

I like to use the overnight mask, the sugar face polish and the mattifying mud mask as a three step process and I’m already seeing results. The face polish smells divine and has a lovely thick consistency, but it isn’t gloopy or scratchy like some face polishes can be. I like that it feels both soft and gentle, but at the same time it also does a great job of exfoliating my skin.

imageThe Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask is probably one of the best mud masks I’ve used and is up there with the glamglow mask as it leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh. This mask felt incredibly lightweight on the skin and it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight like some masks can so it is the perfect base for the Overnight Mask.



Out of all the products I’ve used the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask is definitely my favourite as it feels like such a treat for my skin. This mask doesn’t feel greasy and although I only use a small amount it leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and healthy looking. In the two weeks I’ve been using these products my spots have really cleared up and a lot of the redness has definitely reduced.dsc_0075


Although I’ve only used the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask once I already know that me and this mask will get along. This mask feels like cashmere and although I experienced some slight tingling when I applied it, once I’d rinsed it off my skin felt so soft and hydrated. The only product I haven’t used is the rose mask, but I have tried a sample of this mask in the past and while it left my skin soft I didn’t notice much difference. However, I will keep you posted on my thoughts as and when I start to use it more.



I think this is a fantastic set as it is a great opportunity to try as many different products as possible without too much of an investment. I also think the sizes are fairly decent and I will definitely eek these out for as long as possible. dsc_0066

I’m a big fan of the Black Tea range and I would love to get everything from the line so my only regret with buying this set is that I’ve found at least four other products that I absolutely love and that I’d want to buy full size once they were finished. But sadly, at £77 for the Black Tea masks alone there’s no way I can justify the price and Fresh never have any sales or discounts.dsc_0072

Hopefully Fresh will launch some more mini sets this year because I for one will definitely be adding them to my collection. I especially like the look of the Peony Brightening Mask Treatment as I have some pigmentation and so I’d love to see if this would correct some of the damage.

Which skincare products do you love?

Suz x