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Hi there,

When it comes to make up eyeshadow is definitely my biggest weakness and picking up a new palette always fills me with joy. However, since buying the Too Faced Peach palette earlier this year I haven’t so much as looked at another eyeshadow palette. A lot of people don’t seem to rate this palette, but for me it seems to work amazingly well. I’ve enjoyed creating lots of new looks and using it on a daily basis for months, which has been fantastic news for my wallet.

But I’ve been getting itchy feet of late and I wanted to add a couple of new palettes to my collection. I did consider buying the Victoria Beckham eye palette for the quality and pigmentation it’s supposed to have, but I just couldn’t justify the £68 price tag.dsc_7117In the end after much research I plumped for the Anastasia Beverly Hill Modern Renaissance palette mainly because it’s so different from everything else I own. I have to admit that all the orange, red and pink tones really called out to me, plus Cult Beauty were offering 15% off so at £34 I felt this was a good deal.

dsc_7108Like everyone else I’m not that keen on the packaging, which feels chunky and cheap and I’m sure it will get pretty grubby over time. However, it’s what’s inside that counts…Initially I was left feeling slightly disappointed and un-wowed by this palette and I was seriously regretting buying it as I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. But I think this was more to do with me being overawed by the colours and not knowing what to do with them.dsc_7119I’m happy to say that the disappointment didn’t last long and after about a week I completely fell in love with this palette as I soon got a handle on the colours and what worked well together. I was initially worried that the red and orange tones would make me look ill, but thankfully that hasn’t happened and the colours suit my skintone perfectly.dsc_7116With other palettes I tend to only use two or three colours together to create a look. However, I’d class this as a more complex palette in that I can use up to seven different colours to create the eye look I want and while it does take a bit more time to put together the effect is a lot more stunning. I especially enjoy the process of layering the colours to build up depth, which has surprised me as normally I am a wham bam get it all on as quick as possible type of girl, but the fact that I can easily get 12 hours wear time without any fading or creasing makes it well worth the effort.dsc_7296



These shadows offer great pigmentation and staying power, and I absolutely love the fact that I don’t need to use an eye primer first, which is not the case with any of my other eyeshadows. Although I’m still experimenting with this palette my favourite look so far is the following:

  1. Lay down Raw Sienna or Burnt Orange in the crease
  2. Mix Love Letter and Venetian Red and apply this over the previous colour
  3. Apply Cyprus Umber over the top to build up depth in the crease
  4. Use Tempera in the inner corner and inner third of the eye to brighten up the eye


    Love Letter next to Cyprus Umber – (C)

My favourite shadow in the palette is Cyprus Umber as this is such a beautiful rich shade, which I use every day to tie everything together.



dsc_7314In terms of negatives there are just a couple of minor things – these shadows do kick up a lot of powder so beware that powder will go everywhere and secondly there are a couple of dud shadows that don’t perform well for me.


Nectar – Vermeer – Primavera (L-R)



Vermeer and Primavera swatch absolutely beautifully and would be great mixed together to create a halo effect, but unfortunately they seem to be more of a frost than a sheen and are a bit patchy/chunky when applied. I just wish they were more like Nectar (Too Faced Peach Palette) as this one works perfectly for me.dsc_7316I can see why this palette is always sold out. For once this is a product which well and truly deserves the hype and even better is the fact that ABH haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and made this limited edition. A beautiful palette for sure and while I was considering getting the Jouer matte and shimmer palette I’m not so sure that I need it anymore.

Suz x