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Hi there,

I like to spend my money on good quality make up, but I have to admit to being pretty tight when it comes to make up brushes so as a result most of my collection is very budget friendly. The only time I invest in expensive brushes is if they come as part of a set, they have been heavily discounted or if I’m on holiday! So as much as I’d love to own a ton of Chanel brushes I don’t think I’ll ever be tempted away from brands like Morphe, which is fast becoming my all-time favourite brand for brushes, or Crown.

I always find the world of brushes quite hard to navigate as there always seems to be about a million options when it comes to just creating a nice eye look so I like to keep it simple with a few everyday brushes:



dsc_6765Morphe 441: This is the best crease/blending brush I’ve ever used. It does a great job of building up eyeshadow in the crease as well as blending out the shadow afterwards, but at £4.75 it is also fantastic value. I haven’t had any problems with washing this brush and it hasn’t shed any hairs, but it’s taken a battering over the last couple of months so it’s just starting to look a little fluffy now. However, it doesn’t impact on the job it does and it can be easily replaced at less than a fiver.dsc_6763


dsc_6761The Morphe B70 and the Crown Syntho SS011 Deluxe Oval shadow are my go to shadow brushes and they couldn’t be any cheaper at £2.50 and £3.86 respectively. Both are amazing value and have washed and worn incredibly well for their price range. However, don’t make the same mistake as me and leave your Crown brush to soak while you are cleaning it as the black coating cracks and chips off. If I had to choose a favourite I would choose the Morphe as it is slightly bigger and the Goat/Badger bristles mean they apply some of my eyeshadow better than the Crown brushes. However, I do prefer to use synthetic brushes over animal hair.dsc_6764Stila number 9 all over blending brush: I’ve had this brush for years now and it is still going strong. I use this almost every day and it still looks the same as the day I bought it. Stila brushes are more expensive than Morphe and Crown, but this is a top quality brush which is a great addition to my collection and worth every penny in my opinion.dsc_6768

ChiselCrown SS028 Sytho Chisel Shader brush – I love this brush for adding colour and smudging out the lower lash line. At £4.83 this has been a great investment as I’ve had this brush for a few years now and it has worn and washed very well. This is the perfect for those who like a smokey or striking eye look.

Facedsc_6757Sephora number 43 kabuki brush – This is the probably the most expensive brush I own which I bought while on holiday in Canada a few years back as I got slightly overexcited during my first trip to Sephora . But I love it so much and it’s definitely worth the money. I use this every day to apply my Tarte mineral powder foundation or if I’m wearing liquid foundation I use it to apply my Hourglass ambient lighting powder and it applies the make up beautifully.dsc_6755Sephora Collection Classic Mini Multitasker brush in number 45.5: Another Sephora brush and again another favourite that I bought in Seattle during yet another over excited visit. Not only is this brush incredibly cute, but it’s also very useful.  I use this to blend out my concealer as it’s the perfect size. I love this brush so much that I’m planning to buy a back up.dsc_6758


Laura Mercier Cheek brush: I got this as part of a Christmas set a few years back and although it took me a long time to start using it I haven’t stopped using it since I picked it up. I love the short handle as well as the shape of this brush as it’s the perfect size for my face. This brush has washed and worn well over the years and if they were a bit cheaper I would definitely buy more from the line. My favourite blushers to use this with include the Becca Glow palette and the Too Faced Love Flush blushes.

On my wish list

Charlotte Tilbury Christmas brush set: Although this brush set isn’t available yet I spotted it online a few weeks ago and I can’t help but lust after it as I love travel brush sets. I’ve yet to buy anything from this particular brand so I’m planning to get this set alongside the mini charm lipsticks and a full sized K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Stoned Rose so watch this space for a birthday beauty haul!

Morphe M349: I’ve been on the lookout for a new foundation brush as both my Sigma F80 and Real Techniques buffing brush have seen better days and really need to be chucked out. I’ve been debating whether to re-purchase the Sigma F80, but I’ve heard good things about the M349 buffing brush and at £11.50 it’s great value for a face brush so it’s no surprise that I will be going for the cheaper option and judging by all my other brushes I expect this to be just as good if not better.

Which brushes can’t you live without?

Suz x