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Hi there,

It’s been a while…but I’m back with a long overdue beauty post and today’s post does contain a slight rant so be warned!


I was pretty excited when I managed to pre-order the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Palette at the beginning of last month. However, a couple of days after placing my order the internet blew up over the eye palette, which I was initially going to buy but thankfully chose against, so with the scandal still swirling and the eye palette being discounted I was in two minds whether I was going to keep this palette as the question of integrity and ethics was at the forefront of my mind.

But three weeks later my disappointment in the brand had subsided enough for me to keep the palette – even though I firmly believe that Becca were aware of all the issues surrounding the eye palette.


At £48 this is a pricey little palette, however when you consider that the Hourglass Edit palette is a whopping £65 it is definitely much better value. The main reason I bought this palette was because of the luminous blush in Rose Spritz, which is a peachy pink with a gold shimmer running through, but I have to say this blush has been a big disappointment.

Rose Spritz - Amaretto - Pamplemousse - Champagne Pop - Prosecco Pop

Rose Spritz – Amaretto – Pamplemousse – Champagne Pop – Prosecco Pop

The star of the show is definitely Pamplemousse which took me by complete surprise as this shade wasn’t even in the park as far as I was concerned. I was fully expecting this blush, which is a warm coral pink to be far too bright for my skintone. However, as well as lasting all day it gives a lovely radiant flush and is much nicer than Rose Spritz, which although swatches beautifully it seems to lack staying power on me. Rose Spritz’s only saving grace as far as I’m concerned is that it does mix well with Pamplemousse so at least I have been able to get some use out of it.

Earthy (L) - Amaretto (R)

Earthy (L) – Amaretto (R)

Amaretto was another shade I was intrigued to try as I wanted to compare it against my all-time favourite blush – Earthy by Burberry. However, while it’s a perfectly nice shade it again doesn’t seem to have much staying power on me. Earthy still remains my favourite, but on days when I just want a quick flush of colour if I’m out for a few hours then Amaretto is perfectly acceptable.

I’m not a big fan of highlighters normally, but when mixed together both Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop create a lovely glow. I’m still experimenting with these highlighters so I’ll keep you posted if they become a crucial part of my routine.




As a package snob I have to admit that this palette really appealed to me as it looked absolutely gorgeous online. However, when I opened the box I was surprised at how chunky this palette is. I was expecting this palette to be a lot sleeker and dare I say it…but it actually feels pretty cheap. Another bone of contention is the fact that the pans don’t line up. It would have looked much better had the highlighters been moved more to the left leaving the same amount of space on either side, but I guess that’s just me being picky.

So is it worth the money and would I buy it again?

I got my palette from Space NK and thankfully I had a £5 off voucher as well as free shipping, which meant I paid £43 in total and while I like this palette and am enjoying using it I don’t think it’s the bees knees. So to answer the question, no I don’t think it’s worth £52 and I wouldn’t buy it again.

I now find the constant limited edition scenario a complete piss take as a whole host of brands seem to have jumped on the bandwagon trying to make people buy their products quickly in case they miss out. And another thing that has seriously pissed me off is the launch of the Split Pans. Had I known these were being released a month later I would have waited and just settled for the Pamplemousse/Prosecco version and probably saved myself a few quid into the bargain. Becca haven’t done themselves any favours with their sneaky behaviour over the last couple of months and although I may get the Pamplemousse split it will definitely be my last purchase with Becca as I’d rather give my money to a more honest company.

Suz x