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Hi there,

I’ve been wanting to try chia seed pudding for ages, but the texture has always put me off as I hate food that’s wibbly, wobbly like jelly. However, after making some granola and some raw chocolate orange brownies last weekend I was at a loose end so I decided that I would make a chocolate orange chia seed pudding. Chocolate orange is my favourite flavour combination so if that didn’t swing it then I knew nothing else would.




To unsweetened plant milk I added chia seeds, cacao powder, orange flavouring, cacao nibs, date syrup and sea salt, and after a quick whisk I left it to thicken. I’m not going to lie, this pudding looked grim and it reminded me of frog spawn. I was planning to leave this overnight before tucking in, but as usual with me I couldn’t wait so after stirring and leaving for a few hours I came back to the pudding and decided to add some granola and blueberries to enjoy as as late night snack.




And I for one was really surprised as it actually tasted fantastic. Not only was the texture spot on – it was more like a thick yogurt with nothing wibbly or wobbly about it, but the chocolate orange flavour really worked. This pudding is great if you have a sweet tooth like me as it has the right level of sweetness with absolutely no sugar included. So as well as being amazingly quick and simple to make you can console yourself with the fact that you’re also getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre and antioxidants and it should leave you feeling fuller for longer.

I can see this recipe being a staple in the shhdonttellhim kitchen from now on and with my favourite fruit (cherries) in season right now I know what flavour combination will be coming next – Bakewell tart. I just need some pretty glass bowls to present it in and then I’m good to go.


What I will say about this pudding is that it is a bitch to clean so don’t use a sponge to clean out your bowl as the seeds stick to everything in sight!

Suz x