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Hi there,

I love eyeliner and even though I wear it every day I don’t think you need to spend a fortune on a good pencil. For the last year I’ve been obsessed with Zoeva eyeliners, but after their recent price increase I thought it was about time I branched out and tried a different brand. After a quick search I came across the newly released Makeup Geek Full Spectrum eye liner pencils so as they are only 50p more expensive than the Zoeva Graphic eyeliners I thought I would put both brands to the test to see which came out as my favourite.


Makeup Geek Espresso V Zoeva Rock N Roll Bride

Rock N Roll Bride was the first Zoeva eye pencil I tried and I fell in love with the colour, the texture and ease of application, not to mention the £5.50 price tag. However, with such a cheap price there are always inevitably a few drawbacks.


Espresso – Rock N Roll Bride

This came in the shape of the red glitter which generally ended up all over my face as well as how quickly these pencils go down as they are incredibly creamy. I love the creamy texture so I can live with how quickly you get through these pencils, but if like me you like to line your waterline there is an issue with this liner smudging. And so by end of the day I tend to end up with slight panda eyes, which is never a good look.


MUG – Espresso

The MUG liner on the other hand is not as creamy as the Zoeva one which means it’s slightly harder to apply, but so far I’ve had no issues with smudging above or below the eye, which makes me very happy. I also love the fact that this is the perfect matte brown colour, with no hint of any glitter in sight. Brown eyeliner is not as harsh as black so it’s suitable for everyday wear.


Zoeva Opulence V MUG Plumeria

I have been searching for the perfect plum/wine shade for ages now and unfortunately I’m still searching as I took a gamble with both Opulence and Plumeria. Both colours are vivid and give an amazing pop of colour, but unfortunately they are too red-toned for me so whenever I wear them they make me look ill.


Plumeria – Opulence


Espresso – Rock N Rock Bride – Opulence – Plumeria

The only way I can get away with Opulence is if I pair it up with my black eyeliner. A double cat flick looks quite funky on a night out, but it’s not that great for everyday. I’m still experimenting with Plumeria, but I’ve worn it on the waterline a few times without looking too sick and again it doesn’t smudge.


Espresso – Rock N Roll Bride – Opulence – Plumeria – Magic Moment

I did think Zoeva’s Magic Moment might be the answer to all my prayers and even though I love the colour and the staying power I don’t find myself reaching for it all that often as I’m pretty lazy when it comes to gel eyeliners…and you still need a pencil to line the waterline.


So which do I prefer? To be honest I was fully expecting Zoeva to come out top as I love the formula so much. However, the MUG eyeliner, especially Espresso, has completely blown me away. Not only is Espresso the perfect colour, but I love the fact that this doesn’t smudge on me and at £7.50 the price is very reasonable. Obsidian, which is a jet black shade is definitely the next one on the list.

Suz x