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Hi there,

It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper beauty post on the blog so I’m very excited to be writing about the Sweet Peach palette as I never expected to get my hands on it as it’s sold out super quick everywhere it’s launched.




I first saw this palette on twitter a few months back and to be honest I discounted it straight away as I have been obsessed with Burberry shadows for the past year and let’s face it I don’t need an 18-pan eyeshadow palette. But then I had to go and look at the review on ReallyRee and well the colours blew me away. So from that moment on I was obsessed with landing this palette.



I’ve had this palette for less than a week and so far I’m loving it. It feels like I’ve been wearing neutrals solidly for the past year so I’ve been enjoying creating lots of dramatic looks.

Although I prefer the soft, buttery texture of Burberry shadows I have no complaints with the pigmentation of these Too Faced shadows, how well they blend together and the staying power. I haven’t tried all of the shadows yet, but my favourites so far include:


Nector – Luscious – Bellini – Peach Pit – Tempting – Bless Her Heart

  • Nector – a light gold
  • Luscious – a medium copper brown
  • Bellini – a peachy pink with golden undertones
  • Tempting – a black/brown
  • Peach Pit – a reddish brown

The most disappointing shade and mainly one of the reasons (typical) why I bought the palette was Bless Her Heart, an olive green with brown undertones. I found this difficult to apply as the texture seemed a bit drier so no matter how much I tried to load this up on the lid it seemed to sheer out and have no pigmentation.

I’ve never had a scented palette before as it’s always seemed a bit gimmicky. However, I have to admit that this palette smells absolutely lush and you can smell it even when it’s not open. I don’t mind the smell as it’s not overly sweet, whether that remains to be the case we shall see. I’m normally not the biggest fan of this type of packaging, but I actually don’t mind it. In fact I love how slim and portable it is, so it will be great for travelling with.




Swatches follow order of palette

I’ve been wanting to buy a Too Faced eyeshadow palette for a while now so even though I got dragged into the hype surrounding it I’m really glad that I got it. I haven’t tried all the shadows yet, but I’m looking forward to experimenting over the next couple of weeks.


Favourite look so far was using – Tempting, Nector, Bellini and Luscious

In the UK the only store selling this palette as far as I know is Debenhams so after stalking the website everyday for about a month I finally managed to order this on May 4th. And as much as I wanted this palette I find the whole limited edition release so frustrating as it just creates disappointment for those who missed out, which is such a shame as everyone should be able to enjoy this palette.

Suz x