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Alongside chocolate mousse another recipe I wouldn’t have expected to feature on the blog is soup and a Gwyneth Paltrow soup no less. Soup is a stable in most people’s diets, but a liquid lunch has never held much appeal to me. If I do find soup on the menu it’s generally a last or cheap alternative if I’ve run out of time or ideas at home.

However, while I was flicking through the You magazine a few weeks back I noticed that there was a Gwyneth Paltrow pull out and I was awestruck. Yes, awestruck that she had recipes that not only looked appealing, but were actually pretty low maintenance and cheap to make.

I’ve become a big fan of fresh ginger or late so when I spotted the ginger carrot soup I was determined to make up a batch for work even with my aversion to soup.



The most labour intensive part of this recipe is chopping up the carrots, but once that’s out of the way you’re pretty much done. It’s just a case on letting the stock to simmer down while the carrots cook. What struck me most about this recipe is that there didn’t seem to be much depth to it and while it was simmering away it looked a bit like dish water. However, once it had been blended together it became a lot thicker than I was expecting and it looked wonderfully rich and colourful, thanks to the carrots.



Not being an expert in soup making I did make two errors with this recipe. I was only making up half the soup recipe, but I completely forgot this point when it came to adding the stock. I used half the amount of water, but a full stock cube. This meant the finished soup was a little salty, but I managed to rescue it by adding some more water to dilute it.

And secondly I should have chopped the carrots a bit smaller as they probably weren’t tender enough when it came to blitzing the soup so the texture was a bit grainy.


It tastes better than it looks, honest!

But I have to admit that I was more than a little impressed with the end result. This soup smells absolutely delicious while it’s simmering away and once I’d added the water the texture and taste were much improved. It is surprisingly filling and shock horror I will definitely be making it again!

The Soup recipe can be found online at the Daily Mail.