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DSC_5045Hi there,

Liquid lipstick seems to be everywhere at the moment so when one of my favourite brands launched their own version I couldn’t wait to jump on the bandwagon. However, everyone else seems to have had the same idea as all my first choice colours were sold out. But with a free delivery code burning a hole in my pocket I decided to go bold and order fruit de la passion, which is described as a cool toned pink.



I’m not going to lie, but the swatches online seemed to be more muted so I thought it was going to be quite a safe colour. But on me this is a bright fuchsia pink which dries to a matte finish, and it’s definitely not for the feint hearted. This colour reminds me of one of my favourite lipsticks from Bite Beauty – Palomino, which unfortunately snapped off and hasn’t been used since, so I was quite happy to find a worthy replacement.




So onto the formula, it is creamy, easy to apply, incredibly opaque and wears pretty well, although you do need a top up after a few hours to keep it looking fresh. On the subject on long wear I tried to remove this in the evening, but even when using some micellar water it was still a struggle. I still had three tiny patches come the morning and my Husband even asked if I’d cut my lip. So the only option was to apply another coat and wear it again! I guess that’s one way of making sure you use up all your lipstick.


There is a sweet vanilla/cake scent when you first apply this lipstick, but the scent soon wears off. In terms of how this feels on the lips it’s not as lightweight as I would have liked and it is a tad drying so you need to make sure you’ve prepped your lips beforehand. After wearing this for a few hours I decided to apply my Burberry first kisses glossy balm to give me some much needed hydration and it did feel a lot better.


fruit de la passion – Melted Nude

I would say this lipstick in on a par with the Too Faced melted lipstick which I also like, but which is also slightly drying on the lips. If you don’t suffer with dry, chapped lips then you’ll love this formula, but if you’re like me you’ll enjoy this lipstick but wish it was slightly more hydrating. It’s almost perfect, but not quite. I would love to see these available in minis so I could collect more colours so while I might be tempted into buying another one, I probably wouldn’t splash out and buy a ruck of them.

Which colour would you choose?

Suz x