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Hi there,

Happy Easter, I hope you’re all having a fab time.

Judging from all the Burberry posts on my blog over the last year it’s pretty obvious that I had a serious habit as far as this brand was concerned. However, I’m happy to say that I seem to have come out the other side and I’ve managed to restrain myself from not only buying anything from Burberry, but any other make up brand as well. Other than a new Collection concealer for £4.19 my last make up purchase was the Too Faced nude set back in early December, eek.


So to finish off the last of my Burberry posts I thought I’d do swatches on all my Burberry eyeshadows along with a review on two single eyeshadows that I haven’t featured on the blog yet – Pale Barley and Mulberry.


I lusted after Pale Barley for months and months before I took the plunge as I thought this would be the perfect gold shade. I was expecting to fall completely in love with this eyeshadow and wear it virtually every day. But as per usual when I desperately want something it hasn’t quite worked out that way. On me Pale Barley leans more towards a cool toned grayish taupe with a frosted finish and I hate frosted eyeshadows, so it’s more than a little gutting as I really wanted to love this eyeshadow.

Pale Barley - Gold shade in the Mocha quad

Pale Barley – Gold shade in the Mocha quad

Pale Barley - Mulberry - Midnight Brown - Nude (L-R)

Pale Barley – Mulberry – Midnight Brown – Nude (L-R)

Like all my previous reviews on the wet and dry range I have no issue with pigmentation and staying powder, it’s just the colour which isn’t right for me. So to sum up I like Pale Barley, but I don’t love it and I wouldn’t repurchase it again. On the plus side it does pair up nicely with Midnight Brown.



However, Mulberry is a completely different story. I bought this shadow on impulse for the bargain price of £16 instead of £23 and I love to use this as a crease shadow. Mulberry is very similar to Midnight Brown in that it’s beautifully rich with a slight sheen to it. It wears incredibly well and there’s not a frost or glitter in sight which makes me very happy. After Midnight Brown this is my favourite single eyeshadow and I would definitely buy this again if I ever hit pan.

Mocha quad swatches

Mocha quad swatches

Nude blush swatches

Nude blush swatches

While putting this post together I realised that the swatches that look the best on my arm are the ones that don’t translate on the lid and the swatches on my arm that look flat come alive on my eye, which I thought was interesting.




As much as I love Burberry I’ve now had a few hits and a few misses when it comes to the eyeshadows so I think it maybe time…gulp to explore other brands again. I really like the look of the Too Faced Peach palette, but do I need an 18-pan eyeshadow palette? The answer of course is no!

Suz x