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After eyeshadow blush is my next favourite item of make up, but I do tend get stuck in a rut when it comes to blusher. Last year was all about Max Factor’s Crème blush in Seductive Pink, but by November I was thoroughly sick of it having worn it pretty much every day for several months.


So after passing on the ridiculously miniscule, but overpriced Hourglass Edit Palette I decided to invest in a couple of Burberry blushes and a mini sized Too Faced Love Flush blush instead.


No.2 Cameo

I’m a sucker when it comes to pink blushes and although I had every intention of trying something different I inevitably ended up choosing…yes you guessed it three pink blushers. I chose No 2. Cameo, which is a dusky neutral-toned pink, No. 3 Rose, a deeper warm-toned pink with shimmer and Love Hangover, another warm-toned pink. 


I spent way too much time researching Burberry blushes even though they don’t have a big colour selection and Cameo was the one I always came back to as it reminded me of my all time favourite blush – Bobbi Brown’s Powder Pink. Although the formula is beautiful as well as being long lasting and glowy there is something that doesn’t quite hit the spot in terms of the colour. I like it, but I don’t reach for it as much as I should which is a shame.


Instead I find myself reaching most of the time for Rose, which I wasn’t expecting as it looks quite bright in the pan and has a shimmer to it. I was expecting to look like a glitter ball with this blush, but thankfully the shimmer doesn’t show up on the skin. Again, the formula is amazing, buttery soft with great pigmentation and I find it to be long lasting. This is such a beautiful blush which gives a lovely flush to the skin. A little goes a long way so I expect these to last me years.


No. 3 Rose

In terms of packaging I was expecting these blushes to be more heavy weight like the single eyeshadows, but they feel relatively light so I wouldn’t say the packaging was as luxurious, but they’re still nicer than the Too Faced packaging.



I reviewed the Too Faced Love Hangover blush back in December and I still love it as much as I did back then. This is a beautiful blush which I find myself reaching for at least twice a week. The formula is very similar to the Burberry blushes in that it’s buttery soft, intensely pigmented and gives a lovely flush/glow to the skin. I would love to own more of these blushes, but only if I could get them in miniature as I don’t like the packaging of the full sized blushes.


In terms of price the Burberry blushes retail for £29 and a full-sized Too Faced Love Flush blush sells for £25. However, with clever shopping you can get the Burberry blush for £22 and the Too Faced blush for around the same price.

Cameo, Rose, Love Hangover (L-R)

Cameo, Rose, Love Hangover (L-R)


Rose and Love Hangover look the same on camera but they are different in real life.

I don’t plan on buying anymore blushes for the foreseeable future, but I would love to see more compact miniature blush sets released this year… hint, hint Burberry. I may just break my make up no buy then!

Suz x