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Hi there,

I’ve been planning this post for a few weeks now, but as this is the third revision it just doesn’t seem to want to write itself! Writing about oats is never a glamourous subject but as I’m currently on a diet and a make up no buy this is having a big impact on my blog as I’m all about buying expensive make up and baking big fat cakes, but sometimes you just have to adapt and so in the shhdonttellhim kitchen I’ve been experimenting with low sugar alternatives all with varying degrees of success.


The granola was a big success, the blueberry and oat breakfast bars were moderately successful and the ginger and oat no-bake biscuits were a big fat fail in my eyes, although the husband said he liked them.




The fact that the blueberry bars weren’t a success was more my fault than the recipe as I was being stingy with the blueberries at time and saving them for my breakfast the next morning. So instead of putting in the full amount I substituted them for cherry flavoured raisins and cranberries. This meant the bars were not as moist or as sweet as they should have been and when you’re already making a low sugar alternative this is pretty critical to the recipe! However, you live and learn and next time I would make sure I added the full 60g instead of 25g. These bars are classed as a cross between a flapjack and biscuit and although they were pretty soft and fresh tasting straight out of the oven it was a different story after the first day or two as they dried out pretty quickly even in an air tight tin.



I have to admit that I was expecting much more from the ginger and oat biscuits, even though I’m not the biggest fan of ginger. However, it was the texture more than the taste of ginger which put me off as they pretty much didn’t have any. This recipe uses double cream to coat the oats so I’m not sure why I was expecting it to have a crunchy texture. What happened instead was the oats absorbed the cream and so they tasted very soft and I couldn’t manage more than a mouthful I’m afraid.

As much as I love experimenting with low fat alternatives I can’t stop thinking about a carrot cake recipe that I’ve got. And the biggest selling point is that it can be made in my food processor which means it will be super quick and easy to make. This carrot cake has been taunting me since December so don’t be surprised if it turns up on the blog next month.


In the meantime if you fancy making the blueberry and cranberry bars just let me know in the comments section and I’ll update the post to include the recipe.

Suz x