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DSC_4148Hi there,

I’m not a big fan of ginger, but my Husband loves the stuff and was pretty keen to make these ginger cookies so we decided to make them together. His job was to melt and mix all the ingredients to the dough stage and my job was to bake the cookies, (after four hours in the fridge) make the lemon mascarpone filling and sandwich the cookies together.





As Edd Kimber says this is quite a wet dough so it definitely needs the full four hours in the fridge to stiffen up so that they can be rolled and shaped into balls. From the dough I made 14 cookies. However, once they’d baked for 14 minutes they’d puffed up quite a lot so I did wonder if I’d made a mistake and should have made 28 cookies to give me 14 filled cookies rather than seven, but by that point it was too late. However, my seven cookies were pretty big so 14 would have definitely been too much. In fact I’d almost describe these as whoopie pies rather than biscuits.






The texture was also a lot different than I expected as they were more like a cake than a biscuit so I did wonder if this was because we used plain flour instead of gluten free. However, this was how they were supposed to be according to the recipe. The lemon filling on the other hand was a lot easier to put together and the consistency was perfect for piping and sandwiching the cookies together.




Taste wise I wasn’t sure what to expect. As usual in the shhdonttellhim kitchen we didn’t have all the ingredients to hand so we used plain flour instead of gluten free flour and dark brown sugar instead of demerara. We also missed out the nutmeg and the cardamom, so I didn’t know if the ginger would overpower everything. Also the addition of black pepper sounded intriguing, but also a little scary. But as a fan of strawberry and black pepper jam I know sometimes that black pepper can enhance certain flavours.



Thankfully, the omission of the spices didn’t have dramatic effect on the cookies as they tasted pretty darn good and they weren’t too gingery either. However, I would probably use demerara sugar next time as I think this would give more of a crunchy texture, but I would use much less than the recipe states as I think they would be too sweet otherwise.


The lemon cream may have been simple to make but it tasted amazing and definitely complimented the cookies so I’m sure we’ll be making these again, although I’d love to experiment with the flavours and maybe try chocolate orange, chocolate lime, chocolate cherry and salted caramel!

The original recipe can be found here.

Suz x