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DSC_4011_2Hi there,

It’s been a while since I featured a haul on the blog so I thought I would do a quick mini haul post on some beauty products I picked up last weekend.






Zoeva Graphic Eyes eyeliner: I love Zoeva eyeliners as they are really cheap, creamy and long lasting, but I’ve been putting off placing an order as I wanted to wait for their Christmas sale. However, I’m just about to run out of my black eyeliner so I decided to replace it along with a gorgeous Cranberry shade called Opulence that I’ve been eyeing up for months. Although Black to Earth is my staple shade I’m really looking forward to experimenting with a red cat flick this Christmas. Hopefully, it works out and it doesn’t make me look ill!



Morphe brushes: I’ve been looking to buy some new make up brushes as mine are starting to look a bit worn so I initially considered buying some from brands that I already own and that I know are good like Sigma, Crown (Syntho range), Sedona Lace and Real Techniques. However, the internet seems to be all abuzz with Morphe so instead of buying any of the above or some from Zoeva I ended up picking up some from Morphe in the same order as my eyeliners. The prices of these little guys are amazing so if they’re good I’ll definitely be back for some more. The only problem is that there are so many brushes to choose from so it can get a little overwhelming when trying to decide which brush to buy.


After much consideration/dithering/indecisiveness I ended up choosing the following three eye brushes:

  • B70 – oval shadow blender brush
  • M506 – tapered mini blender brush
  • M441 – pro firm blending crease brush


Flint + Flint Lip Hero: Even though the weather isn’t too cold in the UK at the moment my lips are require constant hydration. So when I popped into my local salon last weekend and saw this lip balm for £6 instead of £15 I couldn’t resist picking it up. I have a few lip balms on the go, but the main reason for getting it (as well as it being cheap) was to make sure I don’t get through my favourite lip balm too quickly as it costs too much to replace!



Bomb Cosmetics: When it comes to having a bath I tend to either use bath oil or some relaxing bubble bath. So I thought I’d try something different and buy a bath bomb. However, it looks like most people had the same idea as the shelves were pretty bare. So in the end I chose a not very festive Lime and Coconut which smelt delicious before I popped it in the water, but sadly the scent seemed to have worn off as soon as it had melted and all I was left with was some murky green water. I think next time I’ll stick with my trusty bath oil or bubble bath.

Suz x