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DSC_3856Hi there,

Having fallen in love with the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment I was desperate to get my hands on the tinted versions. So when I saw the Christmas mini lip sets on the Sephora website I spent weeks pining over them as they don’t ship Fresh products to the UK. But Fresh finally got their act together and as soon as their UK website was up and running I headed over to place an order. However, two things put me off the £44 price tag and the £5 delivery charge.



So I continued to pine and wait as even a spendthrift like me couldn’t drop £50 on some mini lip balms… but when I spotted a code for free delivery I decided to play it safe and order a full sized version. I ordered the shade Berry as I was looking for a lightweight berry toned lip balm as I thought this would be perfect for the party season.


And it seems that playing it safe was definitely the right choice as I’ve been more than a little disappointed with the formula of this tinted balm. It’s definitely not as moisturising as the Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment and unfortunately it has that cloying/heavy feeling once I’ve applied it on my lips which I hate, and I really have to resist rubbing off it straight away. I could probably live with the formula if the colour suited me, but even though it is rich and nicely pigmented unfortunately this shade of Berry does absolutely nothing for me.

I am more than a little gutted that this hasn’t worked out for me as I would have loved to collect every single shade. However, on the flip side I’m sure my bank account and my Husband will be more than ecstatic that I won’t be buying any more of these.



On the plus side I have now replaced my Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment and so soft lips ensure once more. I’ve mentioned in a few posts my love for this product so I won’t go on about it too much other than to say it’s my HG lip balm as it sorts my dry and flaky lips out in seconds. Both the formula and the sugary/sweet smell are just amazing and so in future I’ll just have to stick with this little guy and not get carried away by wanting a pop of colour! 




Also, on a side note how adorable is the packaging? The size of the box may be a bit excessive for just a lip balm and some samples, but I do enjoy coming home to a beautifully wrapped package like this!

Suz x