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Hi there,

Skin care is a big part of my everyday life, but I don’t tend to feature it too much on the blog so a skin care post is long overdue!

Having always struggled with my skin I like to think that I’m fairly clued up when it comes to skin care. My skin has a tendency to stop responding to products quite quickly so this means that I’m always on the lookout for new products so that I can switch up my skincare routine. However, I’ve accepted that is one area that I’ll always need to invest in and I do enjoy spending time researching new brands and formulas. After all there’s no point in spending a fortune on make up if my skin underneath is terrible.

This year seems to have been a particularly bad year for my skin as I’ve had some really bad break outs which has left me with some scarring that I can’t shift and I’ve also had problems with redness. So to combat these issues I’ve tried quite a few different products and brands with varying degrees of success. Previously Aromatherapy Associates and Origins were the two brands that seemed to work best with my skin.


But that all changed a couple of months ago when I decided to buy a primer with an SPF of 30 from my local beauty salon from a brand called Flint+Flint. I liked it so much that I have been gradually picking up more and more from their line so that I can test it out on my problematic skin.

As you know I love a good deal so having picked up a few products when they were on offer I decided that other than an Origins exfoliator I would only use products from this range to see how my skin responded and if I could get it clear once and for all.


Initially I was quite disappointed when I saw the size of these products as they seemed very small, but luckily you don’t need to use a lot of product so they seem to be lasting really well. They are also really handy to travel with which was another unexpected bonus. And another thing that I like about the range is there are very few products to choose from. With other skin care brands it is very easy to get overwhelmed as there is so many options to choose from.




I’ve been using the Everyday Wash in the morning and the Glycolic Cleanser in the evening although I was initially drawn to the Glycolic Cleanser and had planned to use this both morning and night as this seemed more suitable for problem skin. However, when I saw that it contained 12% Glycolic Acid it put me off as I was worried that I would get that burning/tingling sensation which I’ve had with a few face masks I’ve tried in the past.


But I’ve been enjoying both of these cleansers and I’ve experienced no reactions or burning sensations since I started using them. In terms of texture both are quite thin and runny and once you add a splash of water they feel creamy on the skin. Afterwards my skin feels clean and soft and thankfully I haven’t experienced that tight feeling like I did when I used the Origins frothing face wash.

Top tip: One tip I picked up from reading the Flint+Flint website was to mix together your cleanser and exfoliator and use them at the same time. I am really lazy when it comes to using an exfoliator so this tip has really encouraged to me make more of an effort and surprisingly it’s something I’ve been really enjoying doing a couple of times a week. I will definitely continue with this new method and I can’t believe I never thought of it myself!





I’ve been loving serums of late and was enjoying the Origins Renewal Serum with Willowherb before I started using this one. I use this morning and night and the main reason for trying this is to reduce redness and some sun damage that I have. Texture wise this is beautiful and light with no scent and it sinks into the skin quickly without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy.

Moisturiser 3x:


I got this moisturiser free as part of a deal if you bought one of their skin care sets and initially I was worried about using this both morning and night as I thought it would be too rich for my skin. Also whenever I see ‘suitable for all skin types’ on any label it tends to freak me out as they are generally totally unsuitable for my combination skin. However, I’ve been amazed by this moisturizer and from the first moment I used it I knew it was going to be fantastic. I absolutely love the texture of this cream as it quickly sinks into the skin leaving it feeling both nourished and soft and there isn’t a grease mark in sight!

Enzyme 3 Mask*:


I’m a big fan of face masks and was excited to try this Enzyme 3 Mask to see how it compares against my all-time favourite GlamGlow mask. And I have to admit to being really surprised as the texture of this mask is so different from any other mask I’ve used before.

I was expecting a thick mud style mask which dries and hardens before you wash it off, but surprisingly the formula of this mask is a light cream which gently sinks into the skin so all that you’re left with is a thin layer of cream. I’ve used this a few times and like all the above products I’ve experienced no reaction or stinging, everything is just so gentle on the skin.

Eye Hero:



As a rule I’m not a big fan of eye creams as I don’t suffer with puffy eyes or dark circles which most eye creams tend to target. I do however, suffer with bags but I think this is something that only a good concealer can fix. However, this cream came as part of a set so I have been using it religiously to see if it makes a difference. Again, this is another product which is light, scent free and which sinks into the skin quickly and efficiently.

SPF Hand Hero:


And finally another product I can generally take or leave is hand cream, but I was intrigued by this one as it has an SPF included – something I’ve not seen anywhere else. So after testing in my salon the coconut scent and the formula soon had me placing an order. Although I don’t suffer with dry hands I’m now a hand cream convert and have been using this multiple times a day!

Conclusion: So having used these products exclusively for over five weeks I have to say that I’ve been pretty impressed with everything I’ve used so far. My skin has definitely improved and it looks much better as well as softer. Some of the scarring has faded which I’m pleased with although it hasn’t gone completely, but I’m hoping in the long run that it will gradually lesson. However, one area that’s definitely improved is the redness and I no longer seem to suffer with it so much.

I’d like to say that there have been no spots over the last five weeks. There have been a few, but these seem to be much smaller break outs and they seem to clear up much quicker.

I haven’t seen any improvement on the bags or the sun damage, but it’s still early days yet. However, if you suffer with dark circles then I think the eye cream will do a good job as the area under my eyes is definitely much brighter and lighter.

Top picks: Out of all the products my favourite over the last five weeks has been the Moisturiser 3x. I had no expectations with this product, but the texture and performance have completely blown me away. I would go so far as say this is now my all-time favourite moisturiser (beating the Aromatherapy Associates Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturiser) and I don’t think I can live without it. In fact you know a product is good when you already feel anxious before it’s even run out so I may just have to buy a back up!

I also really like the Glycolic Cleanser, the Serum, the SPF 30 primer and the SPF Hand Hero so these will definitely continue to be part of my everyday routine in the future. In fact I already have a back up of the SPF 30 Primer which is a lovely lightweight cream that helps keep me protected from the sun as well as being a great base for my make up as it stops me looking shiny throughout the day.

I can’t believe it took my over a year to finally try out these products, but I’m really glad I made the effort. Next on the list for me to try will be the Exfoliator 2x and the Lip Hero.

In terms of future products I would love to see a SPF 50 Primer and a SPF 30 or 50 tinted moisturiser (similar to Jouer’s Matt Moisture Tint) hint…hint!

*All products apart from the Enzyme 3 Mask and the Moisturiser 3x were bought and paid for by myself. As mentioned above the moisturiser came free as part of a set and I was lucky enough to be sent the enzyme mask to test free of charge. All opinions are my own and the review hasn’t been influenced in any way. I will still continue to use these products on a daily basis so if anything changes I will be sure to update this post.

Suz x