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Hi there,

I’m a big fan of soda bread and I’ve featured quite a few recipes on my blog, but I’ve never attempted a sweet version that is until last weekend. As the count down for Christmas begins I thought I’d have a go at making a Christmas inspired version. So after a quick search online I found a recipe that I liked the look of and got started.


The main different between this recipe and other soda bread recipes in the inclusion of oats and so annoyingly there is an additional step to break these down. However, if you have a food processor it only takes a few minutes – it takes longer to wash the thing afterwards! That said I was intrigued by the oats and I initially thought that it might make the bread a bit heavy, but surprisingly it didn’t.


As per usual with me I also decided to adapt the recipe slightly as I didn’t have all the ingredients to hand so instead of 200g of wholemeal flour and 200g plain flour I added 150g wholemeal and 250g plain flour, and instead of raisins and mixed peel I added cherries, mixed fruit and pecans to give it more of Christmassy feel.



Once all the ingredients had been added I noticed that the dough seemed quite wet so I’m not sure if this was how it was supposed to be or whether it was because the cherries added too much moisture or I simply measured out too much buttermilk. So to rescue it I added more flour until the dough was not as tacky and was able to support itself.


The last step before the bread went into the oven was to add the sugar (I used light brown sugar instead of demerara) and cut a deep cross into the dough. I left mine for the full 35 minutes and it was golden, crunchy and sounded hollow when tapped.



I don’t think this bread looks the most appetizing, but I have to say that it tastes absolutely amazing and it might have just overtaken the blue cheese, walnut and sultana version I made a few weeks back.



Not only is this bread really light, but it’s full of flavour. I also like that the mixed spice flavour really shines through and it is this which shouts Christmas. The crunchy sugar coating is definitely naughty, but it tastes so good and gives the bread a nice sweetness as well adding another layer of texture to the bread.


If you love Christmas and you love Soda bread then you need to give this recipe a go!

Suz x