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DSC_3461Hi there,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty haul, but as we were on holiday last week I thought it would be fun to do a holiday haul. Now it might not be as exciting or as interesting as seeing a beauty haul, but as I’ve not been buying any new makeup of late I’m afraid this is the next best thing! However, I can promise you that there will be a beauty haul coming as soon as I’ve decided which Christmas sets I’m going to buy.

So back to my holiday haul…

With this holiday there was definitely a practical element running through my mind with most of my purchases.


Clothes: I’ve been looking for some work trousers for around six months, not because I couldn’t find any but the ones I wanted were £45 which I think is a bit expensive. However, I finally bit the bullet and bought the Tori Cord Treggings from the White Stuff. They’re not in the colour I wanted, but I did manage to get 15% off. At £38 these are still pretty steep, but they are so soft and comfortable, and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them so I can’t complain too much.


I’ve been eyeing up White Stuff tights forever as they always look good quality and comfy so while I had a code I decided to pick up a pair of black tights for work.


A total splurge however was this blue jacket. I didn’t really need it, but a smart blue jacket for work will always come in handy and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it both inside and outside of work. This jacket is currently in the sale and while I would never pay £75 I think it’s good value at £37.50.


House stuff: We’ve been loving our candles of late especially our two Bath and Body Works candles. However, these are really expensive to buy as you can only get them on Ebay so we always have to ration how long we burn them. Therefore, we always have a back up candle ready to burn and we needed to replace our last one.


TKMaxx is always a good place to hunt one down so while we were in Kendal last weekend we picked up a three wick cozy campfire candle for £5.99. I think this will be a great alternative so I think we will need to hunt down some more!


I love to keep things organised at home and was on the look out for a sink organiser and some containers to keep all my products in the bathroom organised. Luckily we managed to fit in a trip to Lakeland and we ended up getting some white containers for the bathroom and this Joseph Joesph sink organiser. I’m definitely the container queen at home!

Things to eat: If you read my gift guide part one post you’ll definitely know which gift hamper I’d choose. We do love our condiments in the shhdonttellhim household and so we picked up all our favourite ones while we had the chance.

DSC_3448This is by far the best curry paste on the market. It makes the best curry and is great value as you can get quite a few curries out of this jar. It’s also quite versatile. I like to use it as a marinade on different types of meat and also to jazz up boring rice dishes.

If you only try one thing from this range then you have to try the mango chutney… It is to die for and is the only mango chutney I’ll eat. The husband doesn’t get a look in as I like to eat it in secret with some mini poppadoms and a spoon. Hence why I only buy one jar, it’s far too dangerous otherwise! You can buy these online, but if you’re in Keswick on Market day (Saturday and Thursday) you can pick up four jars for £12.


I very rarely eat jam, but we made a special trip to Hawshead to buy this strawberry and black pepper jam. This jam is jam-packed (sorry) with flavour and I’m not sure how or why but the black pepper enhances the flavour so much. I’m planning to make some Mary Berry scones for the husband so I needed a decent jam to go with them.


In our house we love a good cheese and wine night and as blue cheese is our favourite cheese I had to pick up this pineapple chutney which you can only buy in booths. This is another chutney that needs to be rationed as it’s so moreish and tasty.

I’ve never bought Cumberland sauce before, but after having it with a couple of meals last week I reaslied how good this stuff is so at the last minute I decided to pick this up to use on sandwiches and alongside some cheese and sausage based recipes.


We discovered these sauces back in the summer but so far we’ve only tried the tomato, garlic and chilli version, which is incredibly versatile. I like to bung it in most things while I’m cooking to jazz it up although I like it best as a dipping sauce with some nice crunchy crisps. Dangerous stuff people! I can’t wait to see how the mango version compares with my favourite mango chutney.


While in TKMaxx I also came across my favourite chocolate so I ended up picking up the coffee version to try. However, I found this one was a bit too bitter for me. Lime and ginger is still my favourite, but in the interests of research I still need to taste every flavour before I can definitely say it’s the best!

We also picked up a few birthday and Christmas gifts but I’m afraid I can’t post them otherwise it will spoil the surprise!

Suz x