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When it comes to buying Christmas presents food and drink hampers are a very popular option in our house as I take great pleasure in going round all the shops looking for inspiration and ideas. Although there are plenty of food hampers available in the shops I always think it’s much more fun to create your own as you can tailor the food and drink to the person you’re buying for.


Idea 1: Hot and cold drinks


This mango beer is incredibly refreshing


A very pleasant white wine

Fruit beer

This fruit beer is delicious

Most supermarkets now have a great selection of beers, wines, ales, fruit beers and ciders so instead of buying a standard gift box why not mix and match as you can generally pick up some good deals along the way. And if you’re buying for someone who doesn’t drink then there’s always a nice posh cordial which would make a great alternative.


If cool drinks are not their thing then you could always go down the hot drinks route with hot chocolate, loose leaf tea blends, posh teabags, specialty tea like spearmint tea and cool/cute tea strainers along with a lovely china mug. And for the coffee connoisseurs then of course an AeroPress is a must along with some nice coffee.

Idea 2: Pickles, jams, chutneys and dressings


There are lots of cools options when it comes to jams and preserves. My particular favourites include whiskey marmalade, strawberry and black pepper jam, ginger preserve, pineapple chutney, chilli mustard, fruity dressings and vinaigrettes.


This sauce is so versatile. I like to add it to curries, rice and tomato based recipes, but the best way to use it is as a dip with some nice crisps!


This company makes great curry pastes and the mango chutney is the best on the market.

You could also go down the spice route and choose specialty curry pastes and dipping sauces. Jars and preserves have got you covered and I think they make a great alternative for the person who loves condiments!

Idea 3: Cheese and savouries





These crisps and the Spice Taylor dip above… the best combination ever!



This combination sounds awful but they are surprisingly moreish and you’ll probably finish the whole bag off in one sitting like we did!


If savories are more someone’s idea of heaven then a hamper full of various cheeses, pâtés, crackers and spicy/sweet nuts along with some nice crisps and popcorn make a great selection and you could always include a cheeky bottle of wine so they can have a cheese and wine night.

Idea 4: Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate


The best chocolate on the market! These are so rich and tasty and they have great flavour combinations. The lime and ginger is a particularly good one.


Another great chocolate brand and again I can vouch for these flavours…



Everyone loves chocolate so if you’re buying for someone who has a monstrously sweet tooth then the possibilities are endless! You could stick to standard blocks of chocolate and be creative with your flavours. From salted caramel, ginger or chocolate orange to more unusual flavours like ginger and lime, chilli chocolate and lemon shortbread.


Or you could provide a selection of biscuits, Florentines and boxed chocolates.

I hope this gift guide has given you some ideas and shown you that you don’t always have to choose a ready made hamper. You can have much more fun creating your own!

Suz x