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DSC_3108Hi there,

I’ve been watching a lot of makeup collection videos of late as it’s always interesting to see what appeals to other people and what type of stuff everyone likes to collect. My weakness is definitely eyeshadows as I just find the whole process of eye makeup incredibly creative whether you’re just looking for a pop of colour or wanting to co-ordinate with your outfit.

Although blogging is just a hobby for me I do realise that I’ve probably got way too much eyeshadow so now I have to be really strict and limit myself to how much new eyeshadow I can buy over the course of the year. However, with some of my palettes there is definitely a lot of sentimentality attached so although I don’t reach for them as much as I should I will always have them in my collection and with palettes that I can’t get on with they are soon found a new home.


Bobbi Brown: Before I got obsessive about makeup I was very much a Bobbi Brown girl and enjoyed using a lot of stuff from their range. In terms of eyeshadows I only have two eye palettes, but both are special to me, especially the 20-pan palette which my husband presented to me on our wedding day back in November 2010.


What I love about this palette is the colour selection as Bobbi Brown tends to stick with nude shades so to see such a colourful palette is very rare. I also like the fact that the eyeshadows are tiny so it looks super adorable. I don’t use this palette very often as I want to keep it my collection to remember my wedding day.


I love the packaging as they are generally pretty slick, compact and adorable with an added fun flip or pull out drawers element.

bobbi brown

I think the colours in the second palette look beautiful on the lid. My only critism is that it takes time to build up the colour as they are very subtle so sometimes I don’t have the time or the patience to work with these shadows so the palette tends to get overlooked.

Although I don’t use these palettes very often I’ll always have a soft spot for them and they’ll always remain in my collection.

Stila set



Stila: I love green eyeshadow so I was so pleased to get this palette for £12.50 as opposed to £25. There are some really gorgeous shades in this palette, especially Moss and Breeze, but I don’t reach for this palette very often as I find these aren’t the best eyeshadows on me as over the course of the day I find they do fade and crease. I like this palette, but I don’t love it and so I probably wouldn’t buy anymore Stila eyeshadow in future.


Inglot 450&446&434&451 finger swatch


Inglot: It has to be said that the Inglot website is absolutely abysmal, but I still had great fun researching and creating my own Freedom palette. These shadows have fallen slightly out of favour of late as the formula feels much drier and stiffer to work with than my Burberry shadows. But Inglot do have a great colour selection and different finishes to choose from. My favourite shade in this palette is 420, which is a beautiful violet shade that looks amazing paired with blues and purples.


(L-R) Burlesque, Prom Night, Mermaid and Pixie Dust

(L-R) Burlesque, Prom Night, Mermaid and Pixie Dust

(L-R) flame Thrower, Mezmorised, Grandstand and Houdini

(L-R) flame Thrower, Mezmorised, Grandstand and Houdini

Makeup Geek: I am in a quandary when it comes to Makeup Geek. I absolutely loved creating my Makeup Geek Z palettes as I adore the textures, finishes and colour selection. I also like the idea of being able to support Marlena and her company as she is one of my favourite YouTubers. However, these don’t perform that well for me in terms of staying power. They look beautiful when applied first thing, but towards the end of the day they seem to fade into each other even when I use a primer.

MUG all

In terms of exciting product launches Makeup Geek are really killing it so will I continue to buy more eyeshadows from Makeup Greek? The answer is probably yes as I’d love to get some of the new mattes and duo chromes to see how they perform. As you can see before Burberry I was definitely loving all the blues, greens and jewel toned shadows, especially Burlesque, which is a wonderfull rich shade perfect for autumn.


Full swatch

it COSMETICS: When it comes to eyeshadow I’m like a magpie and am always drawn to shimmery shades so it’s no surprise that I only own one matte palette. However, this is right up there in terms of it being one of my favourite palettes. The colour selection is absolutely stunning and when I inevitably come back to this palette I always fall straight back in love with it as the shadows apply beautifully and blend like a dream. I would love to own more it COSMETICS products, but this is such a difficult brand to get hold of in the UK so it looks like being the only it COSMETICS product I’ll have in my collection!

Rainforest Palette


Tarte: I bought this palette last year while I was on holiday in Vancouver even though I’d already decided not to buy it beforehand. However, as soon as I swatched the eyeshadows I knew I had to have it. Again, these eyeshadows are up there in terms of quality, lasting power and pigmentation. These are so easy to apply and blend and whenever I want to look like I’ve made an effort I always go straight this palette. I would love to own more Tarte eyeshadows however all their holiday are huge so I guess I’ll have to wait until something more compact and unique comes along.

Zoeva packaging3

Top row swatches

(L-R) Foil – Golden Rule – Harmony – Wonder Full - Just a Rose

Zoeva: I have really fallen in love with this brand over the course of this year and am gradually building up my collection. However, when it comes to eyeshadow I have been so impressed with this palette. Not only does it look good, but it performs fantastically well considering that it’s only £15.50 for 10 eyeshadows. I love the colour selection, pigmentation and lasting power. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I add the cocoa palette to my collection, not to mention a blusher and lip crayon as well as a couple more of the Graphic Eyes eyeliners. I love that everything is so affordable, but there’s no compromise on the quality. Definitively one of the best brands out there in my opinion.
 KA look book.2


Kevyn Aucoin: For some reason I was desperate to get my hands on this palette and spent about three months of my life stalking Space NK to see if it had been reduced as I felt £38 was pretty steep for this palette. I finally got my hands on it for £19 and I have to say I feel a bit meh about it. I was going through a neutral phase and so wanted to expand my collection as I didn’t own many neutral shades. The eyeshadows in this collection are lovely especially but they don’t wow me and make me want to keep coming back to use them. From what I can remember pigmentation is good and I didn’t have any issues with staying power. I need to show this palette some proper love in the future.

Eyeshadow Collection Part two: Singles, Duos and Quads will be coming soon…

Suz x