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Hi there,

I’m a big fan of fluffy American pancakes but when it comes to making them at home I’m completely hopeless. No matter how hard I try they end up undercooked, overcooked or too dense.






However, after three failed attempts using three different recipes I decided to google yet another recipe and by luck I found the perfect recipe and people I have finally cracked my pancake nemesis! This recipe includes two of my favourite things – buttermilk and blueberries and what’s more they turned out light, fluffy and completely edible for once. I was thrilled and although it takes a good 45 minutes to make these it means I might be able to try something other than pancakes when we go out for breakfast from now on as we can have them every Sunday if we choose to.


That said I did have a few issues with the recipe, but the cooking gods must have been looking down on me yesterday because I was able to adapt the recipe slightly so in the end they turned out plump, but perfectly formed.


Now that I’ve mastered this recipe I’m tempted to experiment so instead of using blueberries I might try blackberries or raspberries and I may even try a different type of flour. However, switching to coconut, rice, wholemeal or spelt flour maybe one step too far when it comes to making the perfect pancake!


Notes and tips:

  • As this recipe makes 16 pancakes I halved the recipe to make it more manageable, but I found the mixture to be very dry and more like a dough after adding the wet ingredients. I decided to add more buttermilk until it resembled more of a batter, but it was still pretty thick so I could have got away with adding even more to the mixture. Next time I would add 3 ¼ cups instead of 1 ¼.



  • In the recipe it says to use a large spoon equivalent to ¼ cup to measure out the pancake mix. I used a ¼ cup which I filled so it gave me 5 pretty large ones rather than the 8 I was expecting so if you wanted 6-8 cakes then this would need a bit of adjustment.


  • If like me you don’t want to spend time making the blueberry sauce then a drizzle of maple syrup some fresh blueberries and crème fresh mixed with icing sugar and vanilla bean paste makes a great alternative.

Suz x