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Midnight Brown (L), Nude (R)

Hi there,

I’ve always been pretty fickle when it comes to make up as I’m constantly looking for the next brand I can test out or if I see a great deal then I totally get sucked in. However, I’m seriously in danger of becoming loyal to just one brand. Yes, since buying my Burberry quad in Nude Blush earlier this year I’ve fallen completely head over heels for Burberry eyeshadows and I just want to expand my collection as much as possible. In fact I love the brand so much I’m also looking to get the Eyebrow Definer in Ash Brown, a Lip Velvet in Pink Apricot (even though a matte lipstick would have previously been unthinkable) and the Light Glow Blush in Earthy.

DSC_2316I recently added two new single eyeshadows to my collection. The first was Nude, which is part of the Wet & Dry Glow range and is a gold/taupe frosted/glow type of shade. A few days later I then went back and ordered one of the Wet and Dry Silk Shadows in Midnight Brown.




Out of the two I definitely prefer the texture and finish of the Wet & Dry Silk shadows as I find these to be more pigmented and longer wearing on me. Nude is a beautiful shade, but I was slightly disappointed with how this applied, which seemed more patchy and sheer when compared to Midnight Brown. I also felt that the colour didn’t suit me as much as it has more of a frost finish.



I’ve found the best way to wear Nude is layered either in the crease or the centre of the eye over another shadow as it gives it an extra pop to the eye so it’s a good night time shadow. I was obsessed with getting Shell, but as I don’t like the finish on these so much I doubt I’ll get anything else, which is a shame but probably a good thing in the long run.



However, I’ve been blown away by Midnight Brown. The colour and texture of this shadow, not to mention the pigmentation and wear time is just amazing. This is a truly stunning colour, which is so rich and complex and it’s everything I’ve been looking for over the last 18 months as it’s perfect to wear on its own as well as layered with other shades.




Midnight Brown is a medium to cool toned brown with a gold undertone, although some have described it as a plum brown with a shimmery, pearlised finish, either way it’s not just a flat brown eyeshadow. I find this shade to be multi-dimensional with a beautiful glow, which doesn’t sit flat on the lid so it’s very easy to wear if you’re a rush.



Nude (L), Midnight Brown (R)


I’m a big fan of packaging and I love the design and the embossed pattern on all of the Burberry products. It also has to be said that the weight and sound of these compacts snapping shut is incredibly satisfying and reinforces the fact that you’re buying a luxury high end product.


Mulberry, Pale Barley and Storm Grey are next on the list so I’m sure they will be featuring on the blog at some point in the future. Now I just need to find some kind of makeup organiser/tower in order to house all my gorgeous shadows… and yes I realise how sad that sounds, but I’m sorry it’s just got to be done!

Up until a couple of weeks ago I was planning to buy my first Naked palette and had been eyeing up the Naked Smokey palette, but now somehow it seems unthinkable. Maybe this loyalty thing isn’t going to be so difficult after all.
Suz x