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DSC_2296Hi there,

It’s been a while since my last favourites post so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been loving over the last couple of weeks.

DSC_2289Dove Nourishing Body Oil in Pistachio & Magnolia: At £8.99 I thought this body oil was a bit expensive when I saw the size of the bottle and considering the way I slap it I didn’t think it would last me very long. As a result I’ve been waiting patiently for it to go on offer and thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long before I spotted it for £4.99 in the local supermarket.

To be honest I didn’t have any expectations with this oil and I only bought it because I love the rest of the range as well as the fact that it’s an oil based product. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with both the consistency and the longevity of this product. I love how it melts into the skin without leaving it feeling or looking greasy and most surprising of all is that a little seems to go a long way so I don’t think I will get through this as quickly as I first thought. I find this really moisturizing and for less than a fiver this is a great buy. I would definitely re-purchase this again in the future.

DSC_2291The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter: I had planned on giving this body cream away, but as it’s been sat unloved in the cupboard for absolutely ages I didn’t know what condition the cream would be in so I stepped in and decided to keep it for myself, as you do! Upon opening it I realized that it was in perfect condition so I’ve been using and thoroughly enjoying it alongside my body oil for the last month. I’ve used Body Shop body butters in the past and I’d forgotten how creamy and moisturing they are. This one smells lovely. The only negative is that I’ve got through it so quick, but then again that’s always a good sign.

DSC_1552Origins: After getting my skin in great condition and raving about Elemis products it suddenly decided to throw a massive strop and I’ve been left trying to deal with a really bad breakout. I’m not sure if this was down to my skin changing from combination to oily now that we’re in the summer months, my face getting used to the skin products I was using or whether it was caused by a new Clinique SPF cream I started using. However, after introducing some new Origins products to my routine it seems to be finally getting back on track. Oh the joys of blemish prone, combination skin!

DSC_1550I have been using a combination of the frothy face wash, along with the out of trouble face mask and the charcoal mask and I’ve been really enjoying using Origins products. Out of the three products the charcoal mask is my favourite as I noticed some fading after using this product.

However, I’m still on the fence with the face wash. I like the smell and it seems to do a good job, but I don’t like the texture when I apply this to my face and also I think it can be a bit drying as I get that squeaky clean feel when I wash my face, which I don’t particularly like.DSC_2295

DSC_2321One product I’ve completely fallen in love with though is the Brightening mascara and I have been reaching for this most days. I like both the formula and the brush as it coats the lashes without leaving them resembling a spider. I wouldn’t say they give a dramatic look, but this is a really good option for the office and I would buy the full size in the future.


Young Blood Cosmetics Powder Foundation: I’ve rediscovered and fallen back in love with my Young Blood mineral powder foundation as I wanted to something light and breathable for my skin while I was trying to clear it up. This is still my HG powder foundation but as it’s difficult to get hold of I’ve been rationing it for months. However, Look Fantastic have recently starting stocking Young Blood products so I can use and love it freely knowing I can stock up online rather than drive 40 minutes each way to pick it up. I use the shade Honey, which is a good colour match and it gives great coverage. The only negative is if you have oily skin you’ll need to use a setting powder on top as it can get a bit shiny later on in the day.

DSC_1989 DSC_1991Food favourite: I’ve been in mourning ever since Pizza Express stopped selling their beetroot and goats cheese pizza, but I have finally found a worthy replacement with their new summer fig pizza. Let’s not think about the white base, which is more like nan bread, but instead concentrate on the balsamic figs, prosciutto crudo and rocket. A winning combination in my eyes and made even more perfect with some naughty (shared of course) polenta chips. I hope this pizza proves popular and they keep it on the menu as it will take me ages to decide what to order otherwise.

Suz x