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DSC_1515Hi there,

I love trying out new eyeshadow palettes, especially if it’s a new brand. However, sometimes I get caught out even when I’ve researched (or tried to research) the product first. The fact that in this instance I couldn’t find any swatches or any decent reviews should have sounded alarm bells, but as the palette was reduced from £28 to £10 and the colours really appealed to me I decided to risk it.

Only now I’m wishing that I hadn’t as £10 was still too much to pay for this palette in my opinion.DSC_1511

 This palette includes the following shades:

  • Sable (chocolate)
  • Oyster (gold)
  • Mulberry (purple/pink)
  • Honey (rose gold)
  • Khaki (green)


The only positive that I can take from this palette is that the eyeshadows swatch beautifully. However, in the grand scheme of things that’s not very useful when it comes to using it.DSC_1514

I had planned on giving this a fair run using various brushes and colour combinations, but to be honest I’ve only been able to use it three times. Although the last time I hadn’t even left the house before I wiped it off as it left my eyes sore and it was just a muddy, glittery mess.DSC_1534

I have a long list of why I don’t like this palette, so here goes:

  • The packaging is cheap and bulky
  • The shadows kick up tons of powder and because the shadows are domed it settles all around the base, which means it gets incredibly messy
  • The colour payoff is really poor
  • Two of the shadows (Mulberry and Khaki) are far too glittery and the glitter ended up mostly on my face or in my eyes causing a lot of irritation and mess
  • When you take all the above into account this palette is overpriced

DSC_1526Will I give this palette another chance? Maybe, maybe not… but judging by my recent experience it probably won’t be anytime soon. What I do know is that while it doesn’t work for me I’m sure someone else will love it and use it more than me. So come Christmas I will have found it a new home and then I’ll be able to create space for something I will use…

What’s been your most disappointing eye palette?

Suz x