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DSC_1090Hi there,

I seem to have been on a never ending shopping frenzy since the summer sales began back in June. But although I’ve bought more than I needed and meant to I’ve picked up some great bargains and I don’t regret them. It’s now time for me to go back on the wagon and save myself for the Christmas sales!DSC_1089Modula Dahlia shoulder bag in blush: I fell in love with the Miss Dior Rose bag after seeing it on one of The Queen of Sheba’s shopping hauls but the outrageous price tag put it well and truly out of my league. So after a bit of research I found something similar at a more modest £150. However, as I already own two other Modalu bags I also know that they have great sales throughout the year so I just needed to bide my time. Thankfully my patience paid off and as soon as I saw the 60% off email I was on the website checking to see whether this bag was part of the sale and it was. I managed to get this bag for £67 which I think is an absolute bargain.

However, it does have one design flaw and if I’d have paid full price I wouldn’t have been happy.  Basically the strap doesn’t sit quite right so I’ve noticed that the front flap pulls slightly away from the bag leaving one heck of a wrinkle down the front of the bag. I can live with it, but it’s seriously annoying.DSC_2057Clarks Mariella Boots: When you reach your thirties shoes become all about comfort rather than style so as we go to a lot of gigs which are generally standing only I’ve been looking for some flat but smart comfy boots. Thankfully Clarks were having a 50% off sale and I managed to bag these boots for £40. I don’t think they’re worth £80 but they do tick the smart, flat and comfy box so I’m really happy that I got them.DSC_1245

DSC_1242Aromatherapy Associates Moisturiser and Face Oil: I am a big fan of Aromatherapy Associates and have been using their face oil and moisturizer on and off for the last couple of years, but as I like to switch between products the thought of backups makes me very nervous. However, I’ve never seen Aromatherapy Associates products reduced so much so I couldn’t resist stocking up on another face oil (reduced to £21 from £42) and another moisturizer (reduced from £49 to £29). Now normally I would be thrilled to get these products so cheap, plus a free mini mascara, but then Beauty Bay had to go and reduce them even more to £12.40 and £19.40 respectively. Needless to say I had to get another set, but I was pretty gutted as I wished I’d waited.DSC_1515

DSC_1527Laura Geller Baked Eyeshadows – The Wearables: Over the last couple weeks Laura Geller seems to have popped up everywhere in the UK and as I’ve not tried anything from the brand before I thought I’d take advantage and add this little palette to my shopping basket. I couldn’t find any swatches or reviews online, but these colours seemed right up my street so I decided to take a risk as this palette was only £10, instead of £28. A first impressions post will be coming soon.DSC_1547

DSC_1549Origins Out of Trouble Mask Pods and ‘Just the Essentials’ GinZing Set: My skin has gone crazy over the last couple of months so I’ve been trying everything to clear it up – Glamglow, Aromatherapy Associations and Elemis. But as nothing seems to be working I thought I’d try to shock it into behaving by trying something completely different. I’ve been wanting to try the Origins brand for a while and so when I spotted these sample sets I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give the brand a go.DSC_1548Although I didn’t get any major discounts I did get free shipping and I also managed to bag a free mini brightening mascara. I’ve only used these products a couple of times so I will keep you posted as to whether they clear my skin. However, I do know that I love the mascara already. It has a lovely big brush and I like the formula as it’s not as wet as most other mascaras. It’s been a long time since I’ve liked a mascara this much.DSC_1903

DSC_1905I also grabbed some clothes in the sales as I managed to find some great deals. This meant I could try some news brands which were previously too expensive for me to try. I’ve been seriously impressed with the quality and the design of Fred Perry, a brand I thought was just for teenage lads. How wrong I was. I’ve also become a fan of Jack Wills and Joules so I will definitely be back – albeit when the next round of sales kicks in.DSC_1619

DSC_1899Raven Eye Breaking Out EP: I’ve become seriously obsessed by a new rock band called Raven Eye. We’ve seen them live twice now along with another cool band called Blue Pills and I predict big things for this energetic and dynamic trio. They’re off to the States and Canada in the autumn as they’re touring with Slash so we probably won’t get to see them again this year, but at least I managed to get hold of their EP. This is currently on repeat in my car and has been for the last 10 days. All I’ll say is it’s the best £5 I’ve spent all year!

What bargains did you pick up?

Suz x