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DSC_1965Hi there,

I’ve had this little Chanel duo for a couple of months now and I bought it because a) it had 10% off and b) it meant I could get free shipping on something else I was buying. However, the main reason behind the purchase was because I thought it might be a cheaper alternative to buying two single shadows from Burberry.

I’ve been desperate to get my hands on Pale Barley and Midnight Brown for absolutely ages now, but I’m not a big fan of single compacts as they are more expensive and take up more room so was this duo a worthy replacement and have I forgotten all about my Burberry obsession? The answer is no and no sadly.DSC_1968I had high hopes for these shadows, but although one performs really well and is a complete staple in my collection. The other is really disappointing, which is such a shame as this would be the perfect compact otherwise.DSC_0896I really love the lighter shadow (Émouvant) as it is a lovely colour, which gives me lots of options and worn on top of my Mac Paintpot it applies beautifully and lasts all day without creasing. It’s soft and buttery, doesn’t kick up a lot of power, and is a great neutral addition.DSC_1962Sable with its red glitter/shimmer on the otherhand is beautiful, but oh so temperamental. The glitter doesn’t show up on the lids which means the colour was a bit flatter than I was expecting but it still looks a nice rich colour. This shadow feels a bit drier and stiffer than Émouvant, but the main issue for me is its refusal to blend. I was very much looking forward to using the lighter shade all over the lid with Sable blended out in the crease, but it had other ideas and so the only way I can wear this is packed onto the lid with Émouvant layered on top.DSC_1971Now don’t get me wrong this is a beautiful look which lasts all day without creasing, but for the price of this compact it doesn’t give you many options. And as Chanel is branded as a high-end product I would have expected both shadows to perform equally well.DSC_1964

I have no complaints about the packaging, which is very classic and beautiful, and black and white! However, I draw the line at sponge applicators, which I don’t ever use. I really don’t understand why high-end brands include these sponge brushes as it just cheapens the palette and this is one of the reasons why I don’t have a lot of compacts. So I guess in a way they’re doing me a favour.DSC_0891So in conclusion I will still use this compact on a regular basis, but when it comes to buying new eyeshadow I’ll be sticking with Burberry in future. My only dilemma is which one to buy first Pale Barley, Rosewood, Shell or Midnight Brown? Then again if another palette is discounted big time and it’s a brand I’ve not tried before I may just succumb to the inevitable…You know what’s coming next right?

Which is your favourite Burberry eyeshadow?

Suz x