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DSC_1506Hi there,

I’m back with another beauty post today, but don’t fear I haven’t forgotten all about the baking side of things. A new bread post will be up shortly as well a tiny little a sales haul, but before I get on to that here’s what I’ve been loving this month.DSC_1492Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub:

I remember using a Soap & Glory scrub ages back and being really impressed with the texture and performance. However, being a fickle sort I soon forgot all about it and moved on to the next thing. But I never managed to find anything that lived up to that original scrub so when I’d come to end of a particular non-descript product I decided to go back to Soap & Glory. DSC_1495After smelling the whole range I chose the Breakfast scrub mainly because it smelt so delicious. That said, this isn’t just about the smell; I think this is a really a great product, which does an excellent job of removing dead skin without being too abrasive or harsh on the skin. I tend to use this after I’ve been the gym so the only grumble I have is the packaging, which I find quite bulky and cumbersome to carry around. DSC_1501Burberry Nude Blush #12:

I did a first impressions post on this quad a couple of months ago and even though I liked it I was pretty nonchalant about it thinking that I’d lose interest in it within a couple of weeks. However, I need to hold my hands up and apologise to Burberry as this has become my go to palette and I would go so far as say that when compared against all my other eyeshadows these are my all-time favourite shadows. They are so soft and buttery and even though they kick up a bit of powder I absolutely love the quality, pigmentation, lasting power as well as how easy they are to blend out. What can I say… I need more Burberry eyeshadow in my life.DSC_0708I like to layer these shadows and my favourite combination is to wear the smallest dark purple (fourth in the pan) all over the lid followed by a layer of the amazing coppery coloured shadow (second in the pan – sadly my photos don’t do it justice!). Adding primer intensifies the look and it’s just perfect!  DSC_1486Bath House Chocolate Cupcake Lip Balm + Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment:

I’ve been in mourning ever since finishing my Fresh Lip Treatment. This is the best lip balm I’ve ever used and although I did look at re-purchasing it from their UK store I just couldn’t justify the whopping £20 + £7 delivery fee. DSC_1488So the lip balm getting all my love at the moment is from Bath House, which I received as a gift for Christmas last year. These little balms come in many flavours and smell delicious. They also do a great job of moisturizing my lips without leaving that heavy feeling. This is definitely a worthy back up/replacement to my beloved Fresh Lip Treatment.DSC_1498Zoeva Graphic Eyes Eyeliner in Black to Earth:

I have mentioned these eyeliners quite a lot on my blog lately so I won’t go into much detail. But since getting this matte black eyeliner I’ve worn it pretty much every day. The consistency is a bit drier that Rock ‘N’ Roll so I’m hoping it doesn’t run down as quickly. I’ve got my eye on Opulence next, which is a lovely cranberry colour. It might be a mistake, but at least it won’t be a costly one!

Ray Donovan Box Set:

I’m a big fan of TV box sets and since Game of Thrones season 5 (big disappointment) ended we’ve been on the lookout for a new TV series to consume. So on the spur of the moment a couple of weeks back we decided to watch an episode of Ray Donovan and wow… we haven’t been able to stop watching it since. It definitely doesn’t disappoint.

All I can say is that you need this show in your life. Not only does it have fantastic storylines, but there is so much action, not to mention some interesting and truly fucked up characters. I guarantee this show – think The Sopranos – will keep you absolutely riveted. I have to say Jon Voight, who plays the character Mickey Donovan is immense and you need to watch it just for him alone!

What have you been loving this month?

Suz x