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DSC_1076Hi there,

Today I’m back with a another beauty post.

I’ve been in the market for some new brushes ever since the casing on a few of my Crown brushes started to break off. Initially I’d set my heart on some Zoeva Rose Gold ones. However, try as hard as I could I couldn’t get hold of any discount codes for Beauty Bay or Zoeva Cosmetics, which are the only stockists of Zoeva I know about, so I decided to look elsewhere. 480Inspiration came in the shape of the new Max Factor Crème blushes as I was looking at swatches online when I came across a YouTube video by WildKat talking about Sedona Lace brushes. The brush she was talking about (480 round top powder brush) piqued my interest enough for me to visit the website to discover they had 20% off everything as well as free international shipping and what’s more I also managed to get another 20% off. In the end I got 12 brushes for just over £40 so I was really chuffed. DSC_1316

I got two brush sets in total. The Midnight Lace Set which includes:

  • Kabuki brush
  • 480 Synthetic round top powder brush
  • 928 Synthetic flat top powder brush
  • 602 Synthetic angle top powder brush



And the Vortex Travel Brush Set which includes: DSC_1319

  • FB03 Tulip contour
  • FB05 Dome contour
  • FB07 Flat top buffer
  • FB11 Flat synthetic
  • EB09 Universal blender
  • EB13 Synthetic blender
  • EB 27 Double-ended duo
  • LB 25 Capped lip brush DSC_1321



DSC_1325So far I have been really impressed with my first order from Sedona Lace. Shipping was painless and it’s the only American company I know that offers free International shipping so I was astounded with how quickly my order arrived (around 10 days), which I thought was fantastic.DSC_1077


All the brushes seem to be of high quality, they are super soft and the pink bristles are really funky. I especially loved the information booklets that came with them as brushes tend to overwhelm me and I’m usually left wondering how I can use them. DSC_1324With 40% off these brushes are great value especially when you break down the cost of each brush individually. Out of all the brushes I have used the 602 Synthetic angle top powder brush and the FB05 Dome contour the most as they are amazing. The 602 is immense when it comes to applying blush. I love how dense this brush is and it fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks and applies the blush perfectly. I also think this would be a great foundation brush.


I’ve noticed that Sedona Lace tend to have lots of offers running so I will definitely be placing another order as I would love to get a couple of back ups of  602. DSC_1083_2

The only brushes I’ve not been so impressed with are the 928 Synthetic flat top powder brush and the FB07 Flat top buffer. These are listed as foundation brushes, but I don’t think they’re dense enough for the job so I’ll need to find another use for them.

So although I failed miserably at getting my hands on some rose gold brushes I don’t regret buying these as I think the pink bristles are really cool and they look lovely on my dressing table, and did I mention what a bargain they were?

Suz x

*In the interests of transparency all products were bought and paid for myself and I’ve not been paid to promote this brand.