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Hi there,

I’m not one for following the trends or seasons when it comes to make up. However, when I spied the new Chanel Lumière D’été Illumination powder and the fact that I had a £20 gift voucher burning a hole in my pocket it was only going one way. I’ve had this bronzer for a couple weeks now and I’ve held back this post partly because I wanted to give it a proper test and partly to see if I could change my initial opinion of this product.






I am a complete sucker when it comes to packaging, even more so when it’s in black and white and I think Chanel packaging looks and feels very luxurious. I love the attention to detail you get with this product as it comes with a weighty velvet pouch, a dinky little brush, which is excellent as you can actually make use of it and a protectant cover over the actual bronzer so you feel like you’re getting a truly high end luxury product.


I love flowers so when you open up this compact for the first time and see the camellia design staring back at you it is absolutely stunning. However, it’s only when you start swatching it that the sense of disappointment kicks in and you realise that you bought a dud.


I have a light skin tone so I was expecting to see a lovely sunkissed glow, but sadly this didn’t happen as there was very little pigmentation and no magical sheen (at least on me). And considering that this is priced at £46, it was a totally crushing feeling. Thankfully I managed to use my gift voucher and I got another 10% off, but even £21 is still too much money in my opinion.


I’ve tried all kinds of brushes and foundations to make this work and the only time I see any colour on my skin is if I use a tinted moisturizer and completely beast the product. And as you can see from the pictures it already looks completely battered, which makes me sad as I like to look after my high end make up.


Even more annoying is when I do get some colour to show up on me it’s too orange for my skin tone. In fact even the husband noticed and asked me why I looked orange. But, I’m not going to give up on this bronzer I will make it work somehow!


Kevyn Aucoin’s Tropical Days still remains my favourite bronzer so next time I will stay loyal and not let my head get turned by pretty packaging and a gorgeous flower design.

Suz x