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I’m always on the lookout for a good chocolate cake and with my annual charity bake just weeks away I have been trying to decide which cake to make alongside my ginger and lime cake. So rather than choosing a cake straightaway I thought it would be fun to road test a few different recipes so my friends and family could help me choose.


Don’t think of the calories fellow cake lovers!




The first cake up for consideration was this chocolate biscuit cake with figs and pistachios, which is just a slightly posher version of a refrigerator cake. This is definitely not a cake for those of you who are watching your weight, but there is something very comforting about this type of cake. This is a really quick and easy cake to make as it’s basically melt, crush and mix, but I also like the fact that you could mix and match the ingredients if you don’t like figs or pistachios. If you’re more of a cherry and almond type of person I think this would work equally as well.DSC_0983



Once the cake is set one thing to bear in mind is how much chocolate you need to cover the cake. I think you could get away with using slightly less than the recipe stated as I had a little bit left over even after multiple coats and drizzling. That said I didn’t cover the bottom of my cake so you could probably use the excess here. It also needs quite a bit of time in the fridge to make sure it completely sets.DSC_0987


As you may know by now I’m a sucker for chocolate, but as I’m still on a diet I limited myself to just one small piece so I could test whether it was a worthy contender. However, as much as I liked the cake I don’t think it’s good enough to make it to the charity event. My biggest concern is the chocolate melting on the day and I think this is more of a cuddle up of the sofa with a brew kind of cake rather than a ‘wow I need to buy a piece of that cake’. DSC_0990

If you fancy giving this one a go you can find the recipe here.




This weekend I have made two more cakes so a new blog post for them will be coming soon.

Suz x