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DSC_0945Hi there,

I was planning to upload this post two weeks ago, but I’m afraid time ran away with me and so I never got round to finishing it off. However, I’ve managed to pull myself together and so there should be some good posts coming your way over the next couple of weeks. This includes a very naughty indulgent chocolate cake recipe as well as some beauty posts.

So continuing on the theme of bread making my goal a few weeks back was to make some homemade nan bread to accompany our favourite lamb curry. I’ve made nan bread before, but I’ve never come across a wholemeal recipe so I was super excited to give this one a go.


DSC_0926Alongside yeast this recipe also uses Greek yogurt and after a quick knead it only needed 30 minutes proving time. However, I left mine a bit longer than 30 minutes so the dough had doubled in size, which was surprising as the recipe stated that it wouldn’t rise.


DSC_0928That said this is a lovely dough to work with and although I was initially planning to split the dough into four large nan breads I ended up making seven small nan breads. But this was a blessing as I wouldn’t have been able to get a large nan into my pan otherwise. As per the norm I didn’t have all the ingredients to hand so I improvised and used 3tsps of dried chopped garlic rather than garlic power – although I’m not sure if this is the same thing! I did wonder if 3tsps was slightly too much as the garlic smell was pretty overpowering to say the least. Thankfully it was only pungent in dough form and once I had cooked the nan the garlic smell wasn’t as prevalent.



DSC_0934For the toppings I again deviated slightly from the recipe using fresh parsley, ground coriander, dried Parmesan cheese, fennel and crushed chilli flakes instead of fresh parmesan, cilantro and parsley.

DSC_0936In the end I was really pleased with how this bread turned out, although mine don’t look as professional or as appetizing as the ones in the original recipe. However, this gives me an excuse to make them again so I can practice my presentation skills!

DSC_0948But for a first attempt I was happy with the taste and the texture, although I’m already planning what I would change next time around. I will use fresh coriander instead of parsley and leave out the cheese. I’m also tempted to add fried onions and chilli flakes and mix it in with the dough to give it more texture and depth of flavor.

DSC_0919As well as an enjoying this bread alongside our favourite curry it also makes a great alternative to garlic bread. Just add a bit of blue cheese and garlic butter, and it’s good to go with some homemade wholemeal pizza.

DSC_0965Although the recipe doesn’t say anything about freezing, I decided to take a risk and freeze four of the nan breads so we could use them up over a few weeks and we’ve had no issues. All they needed were a few minutes in the oven and they were perfect.

Suz x