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DSC_0917Hi there,

I always love a good nose into other people’s make up bags so I thought it’s only fair that I return the favour. However, when I was looking through the make up bag that I carry around with me I suddenly realised that 1. I have a big problem when it comes to lip balm and 2. I’m not as organized as I’d thought as I don’t actually carry that many essentials around with me.

That said I’m pretty lazy when it comes to touching up my make up during the day so I tend to stick with products which I know have great staying power as I need at least 12 hours wear time.


Stephanie Johnson make up pouch: This is an American brand which as far as I’m aware is only stocked in Space NK, but I was lucky enough to buy this (and three other make up bags oops!) when they were selling them with 50% off. I love the colour, material and the design of this little pouch and I can’t fault the quality which I think is really great. However, would I pay £22? Definitely not, but I think £11 is a fair price and I would buy another one in the future.

Lip balm: Out of all the lip balms here the By Terry ones are definitely my favorite as they feel light on the lips, have great pigmentation and also give great hydration. I don’t like either the texture or the feel of the Yu-Be sample on my lips and I don’t feel the Rodial one gives enough hydration.


Bobbi Brown eyeliner: I used to love this eyeliner and I wore it all the time as it was easy to apply and intensely pigmented, but then it started to smudge so I just use it as a back-up now. For the price I wouldn’t re-purchase.



Lips: I’ve raved about Jouer products in the past so I won’t go into too much detail here but the Jouer lip and cheek tint in Whisper and the lip gloss in Cherish is my favourite lip combination of all time, which is why I always carry it around. I like this Young Blood lipstick, but I don’t love it as I’m not that keen on the colour. I don’t think there is enough pigmentation and what little there is I find too frosty for me.


What essentials do you carry around?

Suz x