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DSC_0742Hi there,

I love brioche and have enjoyed eating it as a loaf filled with dark chocolate and orange as well as a savory crown filled with Parma ham, mozzarella and basil, but I’ve never made plain brioche buns. Well that was until last weekend. After months of promising to make them for my husband I finally gave in and starting looking online for a recipe, which luckily for me proved an easy task.





I’ve mentioned before my love of enriched dough, but this time I did experience a slight twinge of guilt when I added both the sugar and the butter as I shouldn’t be eating either of these items! However, it didn’t deter me and I carried on. The recipe I followed makes 12 buns but I decided to only make six so I halved the ingredients. However, this was a mistake on my part as my mixer really struggled to pick up all the ingredients so I had to keep giving it a helping hand, which was hard work.





The recipe said that these buns only needed to be proved once so after quickly shaping them and giving them a double egg wash they were ready for the oven. However, I did have some misgivings as the dough didn’t seem to have risen very much even after giving them an extra hour to prove. So in the end I only made four buns and even these seemed to be pretty compact.





After a mere 20 minutes they were revealed in all their golden glory and they looked even better once they’d been split open. The texture and taste of these buns is amazing as they were surprisingly light and thankfully they weren’t too sweet.


And so not content with all the sugar and butter I fell off the wagon even more by adding a nice juicy burger (split in half) as well as some cheese. Needless to say I’m back on the wagon and ‘enjoying’ my wheat-free oat crackers this lunchtime.

I’m definitely going to make these again, but I may tweak the recipe slightly as I’d like to see if what happens if I prove them twice. If you would like to have a go this is the recipe I used.

Suz x