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DSC_0621Hi there,

I’ve been making a lot of bread over the last couple of months, but what I wanted to make was a really good multi-seeded loaf. So when I found a low GI version online I thought I’d give it ago as the recipe looked and sounded amazing.




The list of ingredients is very simple, most of which we already had in our store cupboard and what really appealed about this recipe is that it needed no kneading and it only needed to be proved once before going into the oven for 35 minutes. Which means you could be eating fresh bread within two hours! I also liked the fact this recipe makes up two loaves instead of just one and that they are freezable so you could save one for later in the week.



Be sure to remember to add oiled cling film!

DSC_0617I was even more impressed with how this bread tasted as it had great flavor and texture. I used a mixture of wholemeal and spelt flour along with pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and fennel seeds as well as chopped cashews and walnuts, and the taste was fantastic.



I especially liked the fact that the flavor of the fennel seeds really came through. I think this will become a staple in our house and I’m already planning to add some coriander seeds when I make this later this weekend. It also tastes just as good when it’s been toasted. I can recommend it alongside a nice Americano!



I found the recipe on a blog called Kelliesfoodtoglow

Suz x