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DSC_0663Hi there,

With my Father-in-Laws birthday fast approaching I was on the lookout for a birthday cake for him. So when my husband came across a picture of an anti-gravity cake I knew that we’d found the right cake for him as he has a monstrously sweet tooth.


I think this cake looks great (if I do say so myself) and what’s more it’s so simple to make as all you need to bake is a chocolate cake, which can then be dressed up with lots of shop bought sweets and biscuits –although you could go the extra mile and make your own biscuits. The hardest part is making sure all the sweets stick to the straw.





For the cake I decided to make the chocolate mud cake from my Jo Wheatley recipe book, but any chocolate cake or any other combination of layer cake would work just as well. Once the cake had cooled I then cut it in half and added some black cherry jam and chocolate buttercream before sandwiching it back together and covering the whole cake with more chocolate buttercream.





Then the fun bit could start… I decided to use chocolate finger biscuits to cover the sides of the cake before adding both chocolate and peanut M&M’s to cover the cake and cascade down the centre.



DSC_0660For the final decoration I stuck two straws together, covered the empty sweet packet over the top of the straws then encased the straws in chocolate before building up the M&M’s to give the desired effect. This is probably the easiest birthday cake I’ve made and I’m sure I will make it again!


Suz x