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Although this is primarily a blog about beauty and baking I thought I’d write about something I know absolutely nothing about – music. And even though the golden rule is to always write about what you know sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit, especially when it involves a certain rock band that you could end up becoming a twitter stalker of …I’m not dangerous people, just a bit excitable at times!


I started clubbing at 17 when clubs were the norm and not the exception and fell big time for the lure of dance music, as well as a brief stint loving happy hardcore…oops. So from 1997 I’ve been pretty much listening to the same old tunes getting stuck in a rut and even though I love those tunes – think Da Hool ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade’ and ATM ‘9PM Till I Come’ there comes a time when you need to explore and expand your horizons.


That horizon was expanded in the shape of my husband who dragged me along to a couple of concerts. First we delved into the world of Indie rock and Revered and the Makers. We saw them a few times and were impressed with what we saw, but the last time we saw them they turned up late with a ‘couldn’t give a shit attitude’ so we soon lost interest and went back our standard fare in the shape of Jamiroquai and Basement Jaxx who put on an awesome show for us.


My husband has always been into rock music often listing to Planet Rock much to my derision so it wasn’t long before we had booked tickets to see The Temperance Movement. And I have to admit that I enjoyed that first gig more than I thought I would. Then a few months later he started talking about a new band that had caught his attention. And that band was Rival Sons.



Now I have to admit that the first time we saw Rival Sons I only agreed to go because I was getting a fancy meal in a nice restaurant to sweeten the deal. And although the music was a bit too heavy for me there was a faint stirring of appreciation as no-one can fail to be moved by lead singer Jay Buchanan’s amazing voice


A few months later Rival Sons were back in the UK and so were we as I’d been persuaded back to another gig. However, this time around it was totally different for me as Jay’s voice completely gripped me from the moment he opened his mouth and it felt like his voice had penetrated straight into my heart, ripping away the ‘not bothered attitude’ to replace it with a real buzz and passion for their music. I might not have known all the words but I was soon lost in the music and what’s more I was hooked. Whereas before I only knew Wild Animal, which is a great tune, I quickly became obsessed opting to listen to their music over anything else.



And since the release of Great Western Valkyrie I’ve been dragged in even further. This is an amazing album with not just three or four great tunes, every single one is fantastic. If I had to choose one song from the album then Good Things would just tip it over Secret, but only just.


So when I heard that Rival Sons would be back in the UK with a new tour this spring it wasn’t long before we were booking tickets to Rock City since there was no Manchester date. Only now I have to pay for my ticket and we don’t get a fancy meal beforehand. But boy I don’t begrudge that and the wait of four months was definitely worth it.






As usual the guys put on an amazing performance. Secret and Torture were just awesome and well worth the ticket price for them alone. Electric Man, Pressure and Time and Where I’ve been were equally as captivating and Jay’s voice is just something else. The power and passion that goes into each song must leave him completely drained after each performance. But it’s not just the Jay show. The other guys – Scott Holiday, Mike Miley and David Best are just as engaging and equally as talented.


Every time we see Rival Sons I’m always struck by how humble and down to earth they seem as they always take the time to thank their team and seem to be genuinely thrilled to be performing for their fans.


I sometimes wish that my day job was more creative and that I got the chance to travel more, but on the flipside I can imagine being on tour is incredibly grueling. You only have to look at the schedule to see how hard these guys work – three concerts in three days in three different countries sounds tough even to me.


Rival Sons are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad I let my husband drag me along to that first gig. So as the tour rolls on across Europe I for one will be waiting eagerly for their next album and UK tour dates to be released. If you can reach me… someone who didn’t want to listen I’m sure you’ll reach many more along the way.


And in the meantime we have a Blue Pills (the warm up band for Rival Sons last December) gig to look forward to and I’m sure they’ll be a few YouTube sessions along the way…but it’s a very poor substitute once you’ve heard the real deal. Hopefully it won’t be long before Rival Sons release a live album and I can get to enjoy that as well.



Suz x

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