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As well as experimenting with lots of low cholesterol recipes – some of them not that successful or tasty I’ve also been spending a lot of time making bread. I have a subscription with the Good Food magazine and after years of hardly making anything out of the magazine they seemed to have really upped their game over the last couple of months and now we’re constantly making use of the recipes.



This month’s issue has been a particularly good one as they have included quite a few bread recipes which I couldn’t resist making. The first was an old foe of mine – Sourdough. After a few attempts I didn’t manage to crack the Paul Hollywood version but I was hoping I’d fare much better with this version.

Wet dough

Proving overnight in the fridge should improve the flavour

Proving overnight in the fridge should improve the flavor

The first thing I noticed with this recipe is that it isn’t nearly as time consuming, which is always a bonus. I started the dough off on the Friday evening and it was ready to eat by Sunday afternoon, which is definitely a lot quicker than the other recipe.


Shaped 2

Ready to cook


This is quite a wet dough but it didn’t take long to pull it back together ready for proving. After proving overnight in the fridge (a new for me) and again once the bread had been shaped I left my bread in the oven for 32 minutes.

SD close

I was impressed with how well this bread turned out as it was light, had a great texture and tasted really nice. However, this is quite a big loaf so when we reached the middle of the bread I realised that it wasn’t completely cooked through even though it sounded hollow when tapped.



I think if I’d given it another 5 minutes then it would have been perfect. But that said it’s till my best attempt at Sourdough to date and I will definitely be giving it another go.

The best way to eat sourdough is with cream cheese and smoked trout

The best way to eat sourdough is with cream cheese and smoked trout

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