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EBalls2Hi there,

I’m always on the lookout for a sweet treat so when I came across a recipe which promised low carbs and lots of energy I was all over it because who doesn’t need energy first thing in the morning?EB mixThis recipe reminded me of the fruit and seed bars I made and featured on my blog last year. However these work much better as balls as the mixture is too soft to hold its shape as a bar.EB unmixed

Energy barIf you have a food processor then these are really quick to make as this is another one of those bung it in and blitz recipes. What I like about this recipe is that most of the ingredients are what you’d find in your store cupboard, especially if you are a regular baker. And even if you don’t have the exact ingredients you’ll probably have something similar. For example, I didn’t have any pecans but I did have a bag of mixed nuts and instead of raisins I added currents and cranberries. I also used honey in place of agave syrup. But for me experimenting with different types of nuts and dried fruit is all part of the fun.EBallsThe only problem with these tasty treats is that they’re incredibly moreish and although they are low on carbs they are high in calories which made me nervous as you just want to keep eating them. I wouldn’t say they gave me loads of energy, but they definitely woke me up while I was at work.EN insideI also think they make a lovely alternative to chocolate truffles and I will be making up a batch for my mum for Mother’s Day as she loves anything with nuts in so these will be perfect for her.

Energy Balls recipe

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