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Is it chocolate or nail polish?

Is it chocolate or nail polish?

Hi there,

Last summer I read a blog post all about Soinge nail polish and made a mental note to check out their website when it was up and running. However, when you have a memory as bad as I have the inevitable happened and I forgot all about them until I stumbled across their website by accident and fell in love with their packaging all over again.

Cannes box 2

As someone who is pretty hard on their nails I don’t tend to wear nail polish very often, but seriously who could resist packaging like this? I know I can’t, especially with a sale going on as well as a further 10% off for new customers.

Choux a la crème, which is both understated and elegant

Choux a la crème, which is both understated and elegant

I ordered the Choux a la crème and the Cannes gift sets so in total I ended up with six stunning nail polishes, a nail base as well as a gel effect top coat and delivery was super quick. I ordered on a Sunday evening and I was surprised to see they had arrived by Tuesday evening and I was so eager to get stuck in I painted my nails using every single colour!

Soige packaging

In terms of consistency some colours are better than others and only needed two coats, but others like Crème au beurre needed at least three coats as it was quite a runny consistency. I also preferred how the polish looked with the gel effect top coat on as the polish looked really glossy afterwards.

Crème au beurre  & Cannelle

Crème au beurre & Cannelle


I found that these polishes chipped after two days which was a shame, but as I mentioned earlier I’m really hard on my nails so this is no different from most other polishes (apart from Bobbi Brown) and I saw this as an opportunity to change to a new colour every couple of days. It’s also worth noting how great the brushes are on these polishes as it made them really easy and quick to apply.



Cannelle which is a dusky pink/beige nude

Cannelle which is a dusky pink/beige nude

Out of the six colours Cannelle and Café were my favourites and I will definitely be ordering more in future as it seems like Soigne have regular sales. In fact I currently trying to avoid the 50% off email I received this morning. Don’t worry Sirop de Rose I will come for you one day!

Creme set

Choux a la crème is both understated and elegant. It includes the following colours:

  • Cannelle – a dusky pink/beige nude
  • Café – delicate coffee shade
  • The Vert – green tea shade
  • Violette – delicate pansy shade
  • Myrtille – pastel blue


The Cannes set includes the following:

  • Oxygen base
  • Crème au Beurre – pale pink but looks more peach toned
  • Gel effect top coat

Suz x