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Orca closeHi there,

This morning saw us wake up to a hard frost and -2 conditions. So September, the sun and the whales seems but a distant memory. but at least I have some great photos to remember our trip by.

Eagle WingWe did some amazing things on our holiday but this tour was definitely the highlight of our trip and not least because we made such a great choice when we chose the tour operator. Eagle Wing were incredibly generous with both their time and knowledge and we felt the little extras to make sure we all kept warm and were well prepared (hats, gloves, coats, trousers, binoculars and even sunscreen) added to the experience.

EW talkWe chose to take the first tour of the day which started at 9am. Dale was our tour guide and we couldn’t have picked a better person to take us out. He might look like a chilled out surfer dude, but he has an impressive background racing yachts in the south of France as well as a working on the BBC documentary series Blue Planet. So we were definitley in good hands.

EW boat

DaleAlthough I like to look at the sea, I am completely scared by it so I was pretty nervous about doing this trip as the boat we chose was smaller and more open. But I wasn’t going to let my fear take over and if I can force myself to do shark diving and dangle my feet over the edge of a cable car I can definitely sit in a boat.

BoatThankfully it was a beautiful sunny day so the sea was very calm and my fear drifted away to be replaced with a freedom and total exhilaration I’ve not felt before. We came across the seals first before getting word of a location for the whales so off we sped for a bumpy, bone jarring 40 minute journey.




BirdWe eventually found the whales and we were able to spend some quality time with these graceful animals as they went about their day completely untroubled or interrupted by the surrounding boats.


Whales close



EagleBut sadly all too soon it was time to leave and make our way back to Fisherman’s Wharf. This trip is advertised as a 3-3.5hr trip, but in total we were out for just over 4 hours. We booked and paid for the tour at Fisherman’s Wharf and for $107 each we felt this was great value considering how long we were out. You definitely won’t spend a Monday morning in a better place and it was just an incredible experience and something I hope to do again one day.

Suz x

*Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to promote Eagle Wing Tours.